Meanwhile, In Dublin



Taoiseach Enda Kenny with with First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon in Dublin this morning before the British Irish Council Summit.

Ah go on so.

It’s a caption competition.

Taoiseach to host 24th British-Irish Council Summit (Merrion Street)

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Pic: Enda Kenny (Twitter)





(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Dublin

  1. Optimus Grime

    You know if you lay down on that carpet it’d look like part of you had disappeared!

  2. Davey T

    The last time I brought a Sturgeon into a council meeting, they all complained of the smell

  3. Donal

    Taoiseach I want to thank you for the gift of a spare bit of carpet, it made a bonny dress!

  4. Mikeyfex

    You know yesterday with David there were lines on the ground when we walked and he stepped on 3 of the lines and I didn’t step on any of the lines and I don’t see any lines this ground so I don’t think either of us will stand on any lines.

  5. Fergus the magic postman

    I’m really important. I could throttle a puppy to death, and there’d still be a bunch of people saying I was right, because that’s what they live to do.

  6. Manta Rae

    Y’know, myself, Alex Salmond and David Cameron used to have great craic at these bashes. Tell you what, we’ll walk in to the Dail bar when Cameron arrives to see if the joke still works….

  7. Joe835

    “But if you shkid too long down the hall, you burn holes in the knees and jayz you’d want to’ve seen Fionnuala’s face when I brought her me britches….she ate the head off me for 10 minutes straight, and me in me pants with Ban Ki Moon across in th’office, burshtin his shite at the carry-on!”

  8. TG

    “Me and Gilmore are the daddies of the Yes Children. Just like the Hollywood moonbats, when we walk on red carpet and give them what they want, they’re like putty in our hands. Are the Scots also conformist Statist lemmings falling down on their knees and worshiping before the Alter of Political Correctness.”

  9. Fair's fair, like

    So, like the way we did it was to burn down the post office and shoot a few policemen. I mean it worked for us at least.

  10. Rosebud

    “I always walk into any room with my hand outstretched, just incase there is a hand to be shaken when I get in there. I just like to be prepared.”

  11. TG

    “As soon as you get of the red carpet and meet the lemmings, smile a lot and tell them personal, highly emotional stories. Under no circumstances mention anything rational or logical, just keep nodding your head and smiling. And don’t say, ‘Is there any young man in Ireland without a beard?’ That could cause deep offence, as the beard signifies zombie-conformism to the Establishment and State.”

  12. TG

    “If the Green moonbats were still in power, this carpet would be gluten-free free and made of tofu, seeds, nuts and barley. Do the Scots have a lunatic Green party who are now in love with Pope Frankie?”

  13. Liam Deliverance

    “Ha Ha, the people of Ireland?, Ha Ha, no, couldn’t give a fiddlers about them, Ha Ha, good one Lady Sturgeon, don’t you worry, there is plenty of gravy to go around”

  14. mike

    Enda: No, no, if you yank it like gear stick, you’ll get a full bursht of it in the face. Fionnuala does it for me. And at the costs nowadays, its important to actually mix the hot and cold water carefully.

  15. Liam Deliverance

    *Updated Photo*

    “Let me just wipe that off your chin before we go out to the cameras”

  16. Fergus the magic postman

    The updated picture:
    So I caressed his cheek like this, & I whispered to him softly “Dinny, you keep blocking the reporting of anything that might expose our dodgy dealings, and I’ll go into hiding for a few days. I’ve instructed the party’s on-line forum plants to keep entirely uncharacteristically schtum too. It’ll be ok, I promise”

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