Meanwhile, On Harcourt Terrace



Former Clerys workers and supporters gather outside the offices of D2 Private, which part owns Natrium – the new owners of Clerys – on Harcourt Terrace this lunchtime

Zara King tweetz:

Clerys workers stage protest outside office of new owner Natrium. Caroline and her husband [bottom pic]met in the store in 1985….

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Former Clerys employees protest outside premises of new owners (RTE)

(Photocall Ireland)

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Harcourt Terrace

  1. spider

    What justice are they looking for? Justice from their previous employer?

    Clery has been run into the ground by its previous owners, who haven’t displayed any vision since the 1940’s. They had a fantastic building, fantastic location and opportunity… They let it go to shit. The staff obviously hadn’t done anything effective to improve the business.

    If I was the new owner I would want nothing to do with the legacy staff… How are they going to be effective in running a state of the art/modern business?

    I was truly shocked when I was home in Ireland at Christmas by how bad it had become. Let’s hope a decent department store of international quality can take over the building and help rejuvenate the street.

    1. Paul Chillage

      I’m guessing the justice they’re looking for is the wages they’re owed.
      The sale could have been handled fairly for all involved. It wasn’t.
      Both parties to the sale knew what they were doing and knew it was a smash and grab knowing full well the workers and concession holders would suffer.
      It ‘s shitty, cowardly behaviour.

  2. Truth in the News

    There’s a lot more to the Clerys shutdown, it involves Vulture capitalists spitting up the concern and
    selling off the property asset for a fortune and liquidating the retail/concession, along with this there
    are write off'”s and the involvement of KPMG….is it another Siteserv in the making, this time without
    Dennis but with Kieran.

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