‘There’s A Feeling You Might Never Be Accepted’


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“Some weeks it can happen that every day of the week you will get racially abused.”

Misan by Simon Hipkins.

The short film was one of six shortlisted for the 2015 ICCL Human Rights Film Awards in the Light House Cinema in Dublin last night.

At the same event, it won a Special Jury Prize – for casting a light on the widespread and underreported problem of racism in Ireland.

Misan came to Ireland in 2001 when he was 16. He has been working as a Dublin Bus driver for nine years.

‘Hear me now’ say filmmakers scooping top human rights prize (Irish Council for Civil Liberties)

Read about and watch the six shortlisted films in full here

Simon Hipkins

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21 thoughts on “‘There’s A Feeling You Might Never Be Accepted’

  1. dereviled

    That was nicely made and he’s a cool guy, straightforward and dignified.
    They’re lucky kids.

  2. Mr B

    Well made and balanced. Heartening to see the pathetic actions of a wretched few are seen as just that and that more people are standing up to defy them.

  3. Paddy O'Dea

    Really moving and insightful film. Very articulate and intelligent character too.

    There is serious complacency in Ireland with regard to racism. We are often more concerned with how we are perceived abroad than how minorities in Ireland are treated.

  4. JunkFace

    No one deserves racist remarks while they’re trying to do their job. I hope this kind of behaviour dies out soon

  5. Anne

    Ignorant hicks.. I’d say people don’t want to get involved as they might be afraid of who they’re dealing with. Particularly in Dublin… Skanger central.

    The people who matter – the ones with any intelligence – accept this man and his family.. the rest don’t matter.

  6. Janet

    “martyr’s of the process ” something about the finality and aceptance of that thought really moved me.

  7. Clampers Outside!

    Great short Simon.
    Misan comes across a decent, lovely man. And the message was delivered beautifully. Nice arc to the whole thing.

    …and driving a bus at 21 :) I’ve never even done the drivin’ test… *scolds self*

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I was pulling wheelies in a tractor at age 13…. trailer was a tad overloaded and I revved to pull her through a soggy gate path. I’ve driven a Porsche around Mondello. Owned a Honda Civic 1.3 I bought off my younger brother, who bought it off my older sister who got it from my other younger brother who got it from a nice lady.

        I did about 30 miles in it in the year and a half I had it. I replaced two wing mirrors and three windows in that time. I neglected her :(
        Then one day, I got her to the garage, McSweeneys just off Thomas St and I spent the equivalent of what I bought it for, €800, and as the mechanic said, ‘great nic that, good for another 30,000 easy’.
        Looking brand new, and not sinking into the tarmac, like she was a few days earlier, I brought her home.
        Right I said, I’ll tax and insure that tomorrow. And get that licence.

        Got up the next day, she was gone……


        That’s most of my driving history in a nutshell, mostly… :)

  8. Ppads

    Irish Srt8 people from Nigerian parents will feel embarrassed during the upcoming Dublin Gay Pride so?

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