16 thoughts on “What About The Lost Jobs?

  1. pooter

    So they are closing down a big retail operation to open a big retail operation. Makes sense.

    1. Bob

      Aren’t they closing down a failing retail operation in order to open a new retail operation?

  2. stealingthemichael

    I don’t think there was ever any doubt they were planning on making a fortune out of the place. That’s not reassuring to all the people who are now out of jobs.

  3. Neil

    So it wasn’t the sale of a company so much as a land grab. My question is how much did this company pay for the company/building? And how much is the building independently valued at? Why do I get the feeling Natrium managed to get the building at fraction of it’s true value.

    1. Louise Hannon

      From what I understand the building is owned separately from the retail company which closed. They get no marks for atrocious PR. This could have been done in a much more staff customer / friendly way. They have lost a lot if goodwill

    1. Paul Davis

      What the ones who helped it become the dump it was.

      I’m sure they will be blacklisted and rightly so.

        1. Paul Davis

          They milked it for years more like.

          Management were sacked as well.

          Are you only supporting the lower paid staff in Clerys?

        2. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

          Bloody marriage referendum and [REDACTED] events have sent a lot of journal.ie commentators to this site.
          A pity, it’s become a lot nastier in the comments section since.

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