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  1. Lilly

    Funny, Irish Times mag ‘death row pen pals’ piece tells us Mary Stewart is corresponding with James [not his real name] only to blow his cover in the photo caption and reveal him as Tommy Zeigler. Oops :)

  2. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

    Any chance Paddy Power might give some odds on how many times ‘Berkeley’, ‘UCD’ and ‘us’ will appear in this week’s Sindo?

    1. jonotti

      They also had another big write up about that PMA pill death a month after it happened saying what a great person she was. They never talk about the other victims because they are not as you say one of “us”.

  3. LiamZero

    That Sunday World cover is a parody you guys at Broadsheet knocked up this afternoon, right? Right?
    Come on, even the Sunday World wouldn’t use a pun for its main headline about six dead students? And they’d never come up with a line as fist-chewingly mawkish as “flight of angels”? Or go with the tag line “the longest day”?
    You’ve had your fun Broadsheet, now put up the real one please.

      1. linbinius

        ……Wow. Of all the fun i have been having with the “bantz” about the media in reporting this story i think this has to be the darkest of all.

  4. The Dude

    The Selfserv story on the Sunday Times front cover provides a hoot regarding sanator Averil Power’s principled resignation from Fiannna Fáil.

    ‘Power’s resignation kept the party in TV and newspaper headlines for a week at the end of May, and such exposure tradionally boosts the party’s ratings’.

    Hence FF are up in the ratings – meanwhile Power now seemingly flounders as an independent.

    This poll must be giving MeHole Martina a wry smile, who otherwise was probably on the way out.

    Not that anything has got in the way of the so-called Independent newspaper running circa 11 articles on Power in the 2 days following her resignation.

    Can’t hurt that her husband Fionnan Sheehan is editor of that publication – and sure after all, why wouldn’t you want to read about her, rather than tedious details regarding the tax affairs, bank dealings, or other private affairs of that newspapers’ primary investor?

    Very good profile on Ms Power in the current issue of Phoenix Magazine. I would rather slowly insert red hot pins into my eyes than vote for such a person.

    1. Lilly

      Tell us more, what does the Phoenix have to say about her? Her choice of husband tells us all we need to know about her character really.

      1. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

        It’s €2.85 in all good newsagents – well worth the entrance fee.

        They usually have the inside track on various political and business stories before the traditional media find a way to work stuff into their narrative.

        1. Lilly

          I know what Phoenix mag is and does. I was asking the Dude for the lowdown without having to leave the house.

        2. Parochial Central

          2.85? Read it for free in SPAR. Basically, the article is how they pioneered same sex marriage years ago, but if either of them ever finds out, they’ll be shit.

  5. Quint

    ‘Flight of Angels’ Wow. Just…wow. Bringing mawkish reporting to a whole new level.

  6. nogoodstartthecans

    Irish media is embarrassing , sindo is just an upper class community newsletter read by the aspiring middle class, who are scorned upon at best, by their perceived”betters”; our red tops don’t have the balls of the British red tops, Ireland is too small, they are like little village freesheets compared to the real deal. ….

    So thanks once again for the existence of Al Gore’s internet. :)

    1. Lilly

      Ah would you go away outta that, no one in this country who has had a halfway decent education reads the Sindo. It’s for Sunday World readers with aspirations.

  7. Quint

    Sunday Independent is not there but I can guess they will have about 20 full pages about the Berkeley tragedy, interspersed with full-page supermarket ads. The victims were young, middle-class, photogenic and from well-to-do South Dublin backgrounds: absolutely perfect fodder for the newspaper. They will feed off it for weeks.

  8. Yeah Right

    I can’t see whatever garbage Brendan O’Connor has vomited out this week, but in essence I’d agree with him. Its no way to spend even a minute of fathers day reading whatever garbage he’s come up with.

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