Before He Was Ordained



Fr Brendan Smyth (above) and the Irish College in Rome

At the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry

Jospeh Aiken, counsel for the inquiry said: “The Norbertine order believes that knowledge of Brendan Smyth’s activities exists prior to his ordination yet he was ordained as a priest in any event.

“A complaint had been made about Smyth when he was a student in Rome in the 1940s. He was accused of abusing a child in the vicinity of the college.”

He was told that the Abbott General – the Norbertine order’s most senior figure in Rome – had recommended Smyth not be ordained, but the advice was ignored.

…Smyth’s direct superiors felt it would be a shame if their first student in Rome failed, and they did not want the Abbott General “interfering” in the business of their particular Abbey, it emerged.

Fr Smyth would go on to abuse ‘hundreds’ of children before he was finally arrested in 1994.

Early fears over paedophile priest (Belfast Telegraph)

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25 thoughts on “Before He Was Ordained

  1. LiamZero

    Brilliant. Well now that we know this, he and all those involved should face the full rigours of the law.

  2. ahjayzis

    If these people aren’t burning in their own company’s brand of hell then their god is more contemptible than I thought.

    1. ahyeah

      They knew about it for so long, and did nothing. Everyone is sorry and ashamed when they’re caught… doesn’t really count for much now, though, does it? The RC church apologists all tend to be pretty quiet when this kind of thing is posted. ABM anywhere to be seen?

      1. Starina

        or rotide. lemme see…”it was only resting in his account!” no wait, wrong group of corrupt bastards

        1. Mikeyfex

          Ah no, that’s unfair, rotide just doesn’t accept what’s fed to him and he questions stuff. That’s fine. I’m quite sure there’s no defending this. Or in ABM’s case, no pretending to side with the church in this case for his own amusement.

  3. Manolo

    I wonder what else is going on today that we will only hear about when the culprits are six feet under.

    1. newsjustin

      If it was up to ‘Rome’, in this case his Order’s Rome based superiors, he’d never have been ordained. Twas the Irish superiors that let it slide.

  4. Odis

    “Should never been ordained a priest” – And yet I read somewhere earlier today that we was teaching in some priest college somewhere in the 1970’s.
    So presumably, they had quite some confidence in him, despite their earlier reservations.

  5. phil

    Im guessing here, but would likely never have been caught if he didnt become a priest , and Im really guessing here in saying far fewer children might have been abused if he didnt manage to become a priest ….

  6. bisted

    …I remember father trendy D’Arcy saying that when he was a seminarian he reckoned that 60% of trainees were practicing homosexuals…

      1. bisted

        ….these are peolple that first and foremost have sworn celebacy…already their behaviour is questionable….would it be unusual that a few deviants would emerge from this bunch?

  7. Always Wright

    Tell me if this logic is flawed:
    The Vatican knew that multiple priests were habitually abusing children for sexual gratification.
    They knew that this was illegal and immoral.
    They did nothing, apart from put policies and procedures in place that protect the abusers and silence the abused.
    According to their doctrine, their god sees everything, knows everything and punishes evil acts.
    Doesn’t this all mean that they didn’t believe in any god? Their actions were those of people for whom there is no higher authority. They clearly didn’t think any omniscient deity was sitting in judgement on their decisions.
    I really do think that they don’t believe in a god, and they are knowingly making mugs out of all the ordinary ignorant people who do.

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