18 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

      1. dereviled

        Ai! Sick ref.
        I need to find how to screenshot on my phone to capture broadsheet’s sleights-of-hand
        But I’m too lazy.

  1. Oscar Wilde II

    More national and UK papers!!! Forget about ‘redneck roundup’ [local parochial papers]

  2. Sharon's Boyfriend

    The Oirish Sun;
    ‘I whacked park fiend with stick’

    Please, someone confirm to me that that ISN’T a euphemism, just my bad mind playing tricks.

    -It’s actually a story about some bloke hitting another bloke in the head with a small tree, isn’t it?
    -And hey, how many of us can say we were ever brave enough to perform such a heroic deed?

    I’m going back to bed.

    1. rugbyfan

      St. Stpehen’s Green is becoming a hotbed of drunks and aggressive beggars. Needs a serious dose of Jeys Fluid!

  3. collynomial

    Wasn’t there a thing last week, where the users of broadsheet requested a “click for more” on the Today’s Papers post, and Broadsheet readily complied for one entire day? Did that not work out?

    1. Sharon's Boyfriend

      That was / is a dream.
      It hasn’t happened in real life, and it didn’t happen on the internet either.

      I’m merely a messenger.
      If you have to shoot someone, shoot Elton John.
      Nobody will notice.

    2. Mikeyfex

      It’s gone from the app too which is where there complaints came from.

      Broadsheet, the read more button is good on the website, not good on the app. Can they be treated separately?

  4. ahjayzis

    What happened to the click for more? I don’t like waiting for Sibling/Livestock-Marriage Announcements from the provincial papers to load as I scroll down.

    1. Quint

      I Feel your pain, dude. It disgusts me too haven’t to look at the provincial papers. Look at the state of the in-bred savages on the front of the Westmeath Topic. They all look like they need a wash. Mind you, they probably don’t have running water down there in the boglands so what do you expect? You’re right…The blonde girl in bottom-left corner probably married a cow, no doubt.

      1. ahjayzis

        I can almost SMELL the cabbage off them, you’re right.
        I’m not entirely sure it’s dirt on their faces either, inbreeding leaves one open to all manner of skin disorders. Vile!

  5. Malta

    Thanks for getting rid of the “Read more” link, lads. Hopefully, you can work out a solution to keep everyone happy in due course.

  6. Quint

    ‘Irish Daily Mail picture desk – Can you get me six hot young female mourners for the front-page?’

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