16 thoughts on “Fuel Me Once

  1. fmong

    so this would be a lie then???

    Morrissey: “He has no aviation interests.”

    Crowley: “No connection, none of his companies, either controlled or owned by him have no connection with Aer Lingus as of now and as of, and involved in transactions that might be involved, might be affected in the longer term by an IAG takeover?”

    Morrissey: “He was a shareholder in Aer Lingus and, as I understand, he disposed of all of those shares in the last 12 months.”

    Crowley: “And do any companies, now controlled or owned by him, do business with Aer Lingus and are those transactions that might be affected in the longer term by an IAG takeover?”

    Morrissey: “None whatsoever.”

    1. ahjayzis

      Morrissey will say absolutely anything and pin his reputation to it for money SHOCKER.

      Guy’s a creep.

  2. Wayne.F

    Would ya stop lads! Topaz and Shell have a 50/50 venture that fuels all aircraft at Dublin airport. That does not link to DOB owning an airline or being involved in aviation. Just that the joint venture between shell and topaz is the only fuel option for Dublin airport

    1. Paolo

      No no no. Aer Lingus should ground all of their flights until another fuel supplier is brought in by the DAA.

    2. scottser

      what’s the bets that the great redacto gets the contract to build the proposed aviation fuel pipeline?

      1. jojo

        The high octane fuel line of death that will terrorise local residents?

        Oh ye of course the government doesn’t care about putting it through the northside working class, why didn’t they build this deathline underneath D4

    3. Miko

      Not only that, they only do the logistics for the fuel (storage through pumping it on the plane). All airlines purchase their fuel on the market and usually involves a lot of hedging and forward purchasing often years in advance. They don’t wait to see what the price is when the tanker pulls alongside. So basically a joint venture for fuel services.

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