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17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In New York

  1. Cian

    Considering that most other countries keep the same people we have in direct provision in actual prison conditions, I don’t think the “international spotlight” is going to change anything.

      1. Cian

        What do you think will happen?

        Do you even know what the refugee applicant internment (that’s about the best word I can think for it) conditions are like in other countries? They make direct provision look like a 3* hotel in comparison. France and Australia are particularly severe.

        1. ironcorona

          I don’t think “we’re not as bad as other countries” is a great attitude to have.

          1. Formerly known as

            I can comment on the Australian treatment of asylum seekers. It is disgusting, outrageous, against all standards of civilisation. I am embarrassed that people can be mistreated by a Government that pretends to be civilised, in 2015.

            Unfortunately, asylum seekers are a political football, here in OZ. This means than both of the major political parties have had a race to the bottom, to see who can mistreat refugees worse. At least in Ireland, the mistreatment of asylum seekers is not a vote winner, as best I can tell.

            This is about a report from 2013, things have only got worse since then:

            We now have a nutty right wing Federal Government, who are desperate to stay in power. The refugees are the easiest target. “Operation Sovereign Borders” is the name of their method of mistreating arrivals/would be arrivals. They warehouse people in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, where detainees are mistreated. The government turns a blind eye, it has even passed a law that whistle blowers can be imprisoned for 2 years.

            I don’t understand why more Aussies aren’t against this. I suppose the fear of terrorists arriving serves a few agendas of the Government.

            Ireland should not decide it is doing well because asylum seekers are treated better than Australia – that is not a good benchmark. I would like Ireland to aim for a much higher standard. It is how we would like Irish diaspora to be treated in other countries.

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