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  1. Damien

    Fair enough. I would not feel safe coming in to work if there were junkies sleeping outside.

    1. Won Joo

      Vastly preferable to Macken’s less talked about “Hard Target” restaurant initiative. Aimed at those select few who appreciated the sweet gamey tang of human flesh.

  2. Jdawg

    FFS. It’s just a design. It might be to stop drunken revellers from sitting down. In all my time living near there I haven’t seem homeless people sleep in that particular window. So calm down.

    1. ahjayzis


    2. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

      In all my time of not living near there, I’ve passed it early & often enough to have seen homeless people sleeping there. Nice design all the same.

  3. rotide

    Check the judgey ‘well look who’s worse than hitler’ tone on C.

    Maybe it is anti-vagrant measure, maybe it’s not. They can hardly be blamed for it.

  4. Lordblessusandsaveus

    There’s has been homeless sleeping there regularly so I would guess it is a measure to stop that yes.

    And I wouldn’t blame Joe Macken for doing it. Sick and tired of having to move homeless people on every morning from outside the office.

    I don’t blame them. It’s the fault of the Fine Gael/Labour government for failed harsh policies that punish the poor. But the city centre is really badly policed and there’s angry junkies hassling people everywhere.

    Feel like taking a baseball bat to a few heads sometimes. But again, it’s not all their fault.

        1. Del McG

          They invited homelessness, just like the Greeks invented gay.

          Should we all be racists now, Father?…

  5. eamonn clancy

    No. Just someone with a bit of imagination, who’s taken the time to brighten up a street. You should try it sometime.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    I think it is a reasonable measure. Albeit not fitting with the hipster cool Crackbird image, but it’s the best I’ve seen… probably ever.

    Now, if anyone complaining about this would like to pen a letter to Dublin Bus about the slanty narrow seats at bus stops….

  7. Sheila

    Recognised a local homeless woman sit and then fall asleep in one of these windows while we dined there.

    Some passerbys phoned the emergency services, who woke her up when they arrived. They decided she was fine and left her to it.

    She was fine, but not to happy to be woken up.

    Can see why Crackbird would not want their diners eating while a homeless person was sitting less than half a metre away.

    1. Mani

      Call yourself Crackbird then give out when a female junkie sleeps on your property? Seems harsh.

      1. Mikeyfex

        It was an interpretive piece. A little on the nose for me but looks like it went over Sheila’s head.

        1. Corky Duke

          its a dump, where the staff think they are more important than the customers….too cool to even serve ya – oh youll be lucky if someone comes to take your order…..
          Anyway i dont think the homeless would want to be seen outside this place.

          1. dereviled

            I was in d’other one- the barbecue in the underground carpark.
            Very loud music.
            The food was ok.
            That’s a longer review than it deserved.

        1. Mikeyfex

          Given my heritage I comfortably changed allegiances 20mins into the second half. Tipp Tipp Tipp…

  8. barryb

    Me arse! Their premises. Entitled to do what they wish in order to improve aesthetic – whether architecturally or in relation to their immediate environment. What I don’t like is the fact that their intentions have been realised with a pretty gacky cheap plywood job.

  9. Anomanomanom

    bloody homeless have they not go homes to go to instead of ruining my meal. …oh wait.

  10. Custo

    Anyone who dosen’t like it should leave a helpful map to their house for all the homeless people who are put out by this and need somewhere to kip.

  11. Jerry

    Curious as to where their private property ends and the public footpath begins. Is there a common measurement used or is it different for every premises.

    Also on South William St – all the sandwich boards/outside tables on the footpaths – is that public property?

    1. Cian

      It is – I believe the Corpo charges you to set up sandwich boards/tables outside though (and there have been previous broadsheet posts complaining about that).

    2. Delta Alpha Desert Foxtrot

      Well their property ends where the windowsill ends…which is the only area they have done anything to.

      Sandwich boards and tables etc are allowed once a fee is paid to the corpo

    3. Lu

      Seeing as these are installed over a raised step that forms part of their facade I would suspect that they are well within their property line. Often you will see a brass line in the pavement, a change of paving or little metal studs that denote the property line.

  12. SOMK

    Bloody cheek of the homeless, a good social problem is neither seen, nor heard, in fact it should have the basic common decency not to draw any attention to itself whatsoever, like that chap who died outside of our parliament, appalling manners, no wonder he was homeless.

    All the same…

    Why not have coffins instead? That way the homeless can sleep there but with a lid, so no one will see them, you could even install a night vision webcam so your customers can still have the choice to watch them as they eat with their pads, as an added bonus if any of them do happen drop dead, well they’re already in a coffin.

    1. Joe the Lion

      What was it Father Jack used to say about the needy?
      He had a term for them.
      A shower of bastards

  13. Harry the Horse

    “Anti homeless sleeping measures cutely disguised as flower pots”
    A very cynical point of view. Not everything in this world is done with an underhanded ulterior motive. Maybe they just like flowers!

    1. C

      Flower pots would be lovely on their own. But why add wide sloped varnished crap wooden ramps over quite attractive marble ? The pots are taken in at night but the ramps remain.

  14. Retail Hell

    I wonder if they require planning permission for them? It is technically a change to the front facade, Someone could complain to DCC

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