Some Ham Sandwich in a lay-by off the N62?

You need an all-encompassing 32 county playlist for your GAA summer.

Paul Lynskey writes:

We are looking to make a Spotify playlist, not just any playlist, an all-encompassing, 32-county playlist. Yes, it’s ambitious.  So for this we need your help. We need the music-savvy GAA fan to share their inter-county music knowledge…


Any excuse.

32 County Soundtrack (TXFM)

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25 thoughts on “Radio GAA GAA

  1. John E. Bravo

    Brewing Up a Storm – Clare
    Ode to My Family – Limerick
    N17 – Galway

    It’s a start anyway

  2. booyah

    For Down, something by Ash… maybe Clones, which may or may not be a song about where the Ulster Final is held

      1. Joe the Lion

        he doesn’t write his own stuff, he has a trained monkey who does it all on Cakewalk down a back lane in Abbeyshrule

      2. Mick Flavin

        Fortunately, Mick Flavin fits comfortably in the Venn diagram intersection of “Music from Longford” and “Music EVERYBODY likes”.

        1. Mani

          Venn Diagrams is it, Professor? You’ll burned for a witch the next time you play Ballinroddy.

  3. Farty McCarthy

    What’s the point being all 32 county when that TXFM fades into a whistle as soon as you are 100km outside Dublin. Or turns into one of them stations that reads death notices all day.

  4. Caroline

    Make sure to choose only the most obvious hit that everyone knows and is sick to death of, no matter how long ago it was released.

  5. Joe the Lion

    I believe the list should contain some rousing favourites beloved of the diaspora and the Anglo-Irish

    “it’s a long way to Tipperary” – a favourite of the British Army conscripts
    “when Irish eyes are smiling” – Leitrim can have that one, never wins anything only bad hay
    “Carey” by Joni Mitchell – she sings it like “Kerry”- because I like it and it will be sung a lot sadly

  6. Frilly Keane

    Bit late int’it?
    Championship is well underway

    Besides ya forgot London and New York

    So make that 34 comeallyas

  7. Mani

    Cork: Langers Lament by Joe Locke and the Traffic Jammers
    Waterford: Blood on me Blah by The Krystals
    Longford: Golden Showers (Every Hour) by Mick Flavin
    Sligo: Empty Pockets AKA Bankruptcy Blues by Shane Filan
    Cavan: Mean Spirit, Hard Body by the Irrelevents
    Galway: Papier Mache by Tiflaan Beag and the Arts Grants
    Dublin: Messiah Complex by Damien Dempsey ft. Glen Hansard ft. Wylcef Jean
    Wexford: 2nd Home Shimmy by Lorcan Gravy and the 4 Typos
    Leitrim: My Brothers Uncles Da by Gene Pool
    Kerry: Shur I Dunno (Mebbe So) by Poor Mouth Mikey
    Limerick: I Just Don’t Understand by John Moynes
    Kilkenny: Personality Crisis (cover) by Bill Bland and DeVoidz

      1. Frilly Keane

        Lorcan Gravy and the four typos….

        Sur where would ya get it

        Although I think its clear our Mani might be the Brian’s behind YabbaDabbaDooley

        1. Mani

          Jesus. I had to google that.
          I’d like to write a song for the Clare team and work in the lyric ‘and we know our manager is epileptic cos Davey Fitz, he never swallows his words. He always spits’

          Pipe dreams.

  8. Quint

    Well, they’re already playing Different by The Academic (from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath) every 20 minutes so they’re off to a start already.

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