Was Italia ’90 For This?




Twenty five years to the day since that penalty- shoot-out.

Bonkers writes:

Couple of Union Jacks among the Irish after Dave O’Leary stuck it in the Romanian net in [World Cup Quarter Final] 1990. Early supporters of the Peace Process or two Dublin jackeens? You decide!

28 thoughts on “Was Italia ’90 For This?

    1. Zarathustra

      Apparently, Dubliners are called Jackeens because in 1900 when Queen Victoria visited Ireland, many people in Dublin welcomed her by waving the Union Jack/ Flag, whereas, the response to her visit outside of Dublin wasn’t as welcoming.

      1. Frilly Keane

        That’s exactly where the Jackeen came from
        From waving Union Jacks during a royal visit

        No apparently about it at all

  1. shitferbrains

    Was it for this that we got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and walked ten miles to be offended ?

  2. Frilly Keane


    But that’s OK
    Cause if it t’was a few Langers flying the Stars n’Bars you’d a shut down comments

    1. Mick Flavin

      Ha! GAA langers do love their Confederate and Imperial Japanese Navy flags.
      “Say what you want about ’em, boy, they knew what they were at when they were designing a flag.”

      1. Frilly Keane

        I know exactly how the Confederate flag became a Rebel call to arms

        But the Japanese one
        ‘Couldn’t tell ya.
        But only noticed it around 92/ 93

  3. rotide

    As I’m sure everyone and their mother knows, but it robably shopuld be pointed out……

    Loads of different fans find there way into games during world cups due to distribution/scheduling/errors/vacations/cancellations etc.

    Remember this was a last 16 game so impossible to predict who would be playing where.

    Anyway, im sure that’s blindingly obvious so back to the levity

  4. Sharon Stevenson

    Some English fans actually enjoy going to Ireland away matches. No over-the-top policing. Plus fair few of them have Irish mammies or daddies.

  5. Glat

    Probably a group of British lads who thought they’d support their closest neighbour rather than the team from the other side of the continent. How very dare them!

  6. EOD

    In the summer of 1990 myself and 2 friends went to Malta and travelled to the 3 group games in Sicily and Sardinia. When the group games were over we flew to Genoa (via Rome) and asked the taxi driver to bring us to some where we could get accomodatoion. We ended up in a “holiday camp site” miles outside Genoa. In the bar we met 3 lads from , I think, Southampton (it was 25 years ago and there was lots of beer involved!). Those lads had travelled to Italy for the knock out stages of the tournament, intending to follow England and get as many other games as possible.

    Anyway the next day we went to the stadium to get tickets for the Ireland Romania game and these lads got tickets in the row behind us and a few seats over. They brought their union jacks to the game and were in among a stadium full of Irish fans – celebrating as much as we were when O’Leary scored. That picture is of those lads….

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