I’ll Get My Coats




Popular Wanderly Wagon street person Fortycoats.

He got off the gear his own show and an annual.

Collywobble writes:

 Found this in the toy box Granny has for the kids yesterday. “Be me forty coats and me fifty pockets” exclaimed I when I found it. Designed by Don Conroy no less. Kids not impressed. No sign of a year…anyone?


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    1. Well that's that

      Back when RTE actually had a cross in its logo…JAY.SUS. Nowadays it just pretends not to be a Catholic propaganda station

  1. Slytlee Bonquers

    1980 was the year of the epic battle between Fortycoats and Doubletree over the stalls of the old Dandelion market. 20 pounds’ worth of second-hand clothing destroyed in an afternoon. Now DT has a hotel named after him but FC is forgotten. The evil that men do lives after them but not the good it seems. SB, 29 June 2015.

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        Doubletree Wellington.

        Wellington, after Wellington Road, because that’s where he used to hang out.

          1. The Lady Vanishes

            Apparently they provided context for the catchphrase “Wouldyalikeathreesome?” with which he would accost random women in the vicinity.

            Treesome=threesome. Geddit?

          2. The Lady Vanishes

            No. That’s the other reason why he was called Double Three. He could never make up the numbers.

          3. Saturday Night Newsround

            Going back to the two trees… how could anyone carry two trees at once?

          4. The Lady Vanishes


            Or maybe they were bushes, which grew into trees in urban myth.

            DoubleBush doesn’t have quite the same resonance, in fairness.

          5. The Lady Vanishes

            Just wait until the book “Doubletree Wellington and 1916” comes out next year.

          6. The Lady Vanishes

            Totally unreliable hearsay.

            But people have been convicted on less. Poor Fortycoats.

          1. Slytlee Bonquers

            He was killed in a collision with a maroon-coloured 1978 Mercedes at the junction of Waterloo Road and Baggot Street in 1986. Near to Le Coq Hardi if any of you remember that place.

            His evil essence still permeates that area. Strange things happen there because of the spirit of Doubletree.

          2. Slytlee Bonquers

            Indeed. Previously a nightclub known as Annabels.

            Doubletree makes bad things happen in good places.

          3. Slytlee Bonquers

            Fortycoats as he was is gone. He won’t return in that form. Maybe the precise opposite.

          4. Saturday Night Newsround

            The precise opposite?

            i.e. washed, cleanshaven, and with a capsule wardrobe of outerwear rather than the entire Dandelion stall?

  2. Murtles

    I can’t remember what ever happened to Rory (who played the original Fortycoats) in Wanderly Wagon, I know he got written out of the series probably innocuosly despite rumours about the actor who played him. But how did they explain the character leaving? Twill play on my mind now this…..

    1. ReproBertie

      Why would they bother their holes explaining an occasional character leaving a children’s TV show?

    2. Nigel

      He left. I remember him leaving. The Wagon flew away, he waved them off, and then turned and put his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket and said goodbye to the audience. I kept waiting for him to come back. And he never did.

    3. H

      Bill Golding left after he heard someone referring to him as Rory while he was on stage in a Shakespearean (or something of that ilk) play because he wanted to be taken seriously as an actor and not just be known as that character.

      I loved Wanderly Wagon until Fortycoats joined and I couldn’t believe they gave the character his own show, I thought he was the biggest gobdaw on the telly :-(

  3. Liam

    what is that Gorilla planning to do? (I think the long-coated schoolboy was called “Sofa Sogood”?)

  4. Paulito

    Another vote for 1984, the year in which Fortycoats was at his absolute commercial and artistic peak – his imperial phase, if you will.

  5. george

    I was born in 1983 and we had this book. My brother is two years older than me and it was given to him so I would say around 1987.

  6. Valleyoftheunos

    I had this book as a child, I was old enough to be able to read it but I don’t really remember the TV show so I’m saying 1986 because I couldn’t recall read pheque all before then.

    Or of course whoever found the book could just look at the date of the copyright in the inside cover.

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