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Lovely new prints of Irish sporting legends now available at online artwork shop Wordbird.ie for €25 each. From top: Paul McGrath, Katie Taylor and His Bodness.

Wordbird are preparing six more sporting prints and would welcome subject suggestions below.


96 thoughts on “Ooh Aah

    1. Liam from Lixnaw

      indeed an omission – a triple olympic gold medalist, not many of those knocking about

      1. rotide

        Well his nationlity is Northern Irish but he represents Ireland in team events.

        But you knew that.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    How about a snooker-player, a horsey type, a track/field athlete, a para-athlete, a GAA head and, if you really have to, an Irish golfer.

    1. The Old Boy

      Most unsporting sportsman? It’s a crowded field, but even the cynical divers of association football can’t match him for denigration of the Corinthian spirit.

  2. rotide

    If it’s portraits:

    Brady, Sheff, McIlroy, Keane, O’Sullivan , O’Connoll

    If its moments as Drogg suggested:

    Bonner Jump (peno’s), Bonner points to eye, Stephen Roche crosses the line, Harrington wins the Open, O’Sullivan out of breath.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Alternative moments:

      Andy O’Brien Ball in the Face, Phil Babb and the Goalpost, ROG Being Propped Up By Young Ones at Post Game Party, Rob Kearney Enjoys Maul Too Much, Shane Curran Doing Anything, and as much as it pains me, Diarmuid O’Sullivan leveling Limerick boys.

      1. Joe the Lion

        Ardently sports fans anticipate Limerick’s next world class exponents of kickboxing, swordfishing and archery

  3. swoon

    Do they really have ‘wordbird.ie’ shag’n stamped on every print.For god’s sake,leave it out.

    1. jeremy kyle

      These are just mock ups done in Photoshop, I doubt they’d put the website on the actual prints.

      1. swoon

        As not one of their prints is an original I see no reason to ruin it with a logo.Let’s be clear this is more about branding than authorship.

        1. Paul

          “…not one of their prints is an original” – What are fook are you looking at..!!?

          These are simply class and original. If you look at their twitter feed – the response looks very positive including Mrs BOD – Fab!

          BTW Padraig Harrington needs to be in the remaining six.

          1. swoon

            Paul.They’re obviously rubbish.But if you think they’re ‘class’ well I would say your very young (fair play for having an opinion) or a bit slow for an adult.

  4. swoon

    Had a look at their website and to be honest,it’s a fairly tacky line they’re peddling.

  5. fFs

    Brian O’Driscoll – calm, collected, chiselled
    Paul McGrath – cool, considered, relaxed
    Katie – Deranged, mental hair she doesn’t have, spitting out her mouth
    No Fair

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