15 thoughts on “Madra, Ted

  1. Ray

    In fairness the amount of people who don’t clean up after their dog is incredible.

    1. If you bring your dog for a walk bring poop bags.
    2. If your dog does it’s job DO YOURS! You’re not touching the poop directly!

    4. While I’m on a rant, if you get fast food the bin is NOT under your car. You are not a cat. If it’s out of your sight it doesn’t mean it has gone. Tw@ts.

  2. the good helen

    agree, it is just lazyness in people not bringing poop bags. You bring your dog for a walk, chances are its going to poop as its getting exercise and helping the food move through their digestive system, a bit like us human folk, except we don’t shi*t on the ground (well most of us don’t)… anyhow, u bring ur dog for a walk, it sh*ts – you pick it up.

    there should be signs stating, you don’t pick it up, i’ll pick u up and drop ya from a height,,,, Just saying like!!

    1. Mario Balotelli

      Yep, seems to be getting much worse lately. Was a time when there was a big campaign, pooper scoopers etc.. now it’s gone back to the 80s.. Dog shit everywhere in my local park. Lazy anti-social bastards.

  3. Gavin

    Have dog and bring the bags. But its stunning how much dog crap is left on the streets. Council needs to spend a few weeks targeting people and handing out €500 fines.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Should easily pay for itself.

        But when you’re relying on your scummy constituents to re-elect you, I guess…

  4. astrid

    I have a dog and always clean up after him; the lack of bins is a big problem. Another annoying thing, since I am on a rant, are people that drop their uneaten food on the street, and the amount of litter in general, disgusting. Walking the dog in the Phoenix Park on a sunny day it’s a nightmare, people leave rubbish everywhere, while most dog owners I know clean up after their dog.

  5. Cappo

    I wholeheartedly agree with the need to clean up after your pooch, but these ‘election style’ posters are a complete eyesore. They have sprouted up all along the promenade in Clontarf on every lamppost, where a simple graphic stencilled on the footpath would have done the job. Any graphic designers want to have a crack at it?

    1. Kieran NYC

      Do you still need a licence?

      Most Americans I see here pick up automatically and look mortified if they’re caught short without bags.

      Dirty Irish culture again.

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