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Free July 8-11?

PalFest Ireland is an arts festival in Dublin and nationwide – organised by Irish artists in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

It will mark the first anniversary of the bombing of Gaza that left over 2200 Palestinians dead, including more than 500 children.

Elaine writes:

PalFest Ireland is a lively, diverse, positive and culturally rich arts festival involving artists across a broad range of artforms. The festival includes music, theatre, film, dance, poetry, spoken word and visual arts events in many venues in Dublin and nationwide to promote a cultural connection between Ireland and Palestine [full line up at link below

PalFest Ireland will open on the morning of Wednesday 8th July with an art installation on Sandymount Strand comprising 556 infant vests on uprights, representing the number of children killed in Gaza a year ago. On the morning of Saturday 11th July, the last day of PalFest Ireland, there will be a fun family football match in the same place with well-known Irish sport stars, changing the beach from a place of death and lament to what it should be – a place of life and play.

PalfestIreland (Facebook)

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30 thoughts on “Art For Pal’s Sake

  1. everybody

    Do the same artists support the Muslim Palestinians who think homosexuality should be punishable by death by stoning?

    1. ahjayzis

      As a gay guy myself, I don’t think the children of homophobes deserve to die from aerial bombing / starvation / disease. Call me a pinko! And I’ll call you an assh*le.

      1. Elvis

        I assumed you were a lesbian. You’re quite aggressive for a gay man. Not so pleasant.

    2. Jack Ascinine

      I’ll be looking for stall where they celebrate Hamas torturing Palestinians and paying hommage to Yasser Arafat for embezzling billions into swiss bank accounts. But, it’s all Israel’s fault I’m sure.

      1. Catherine Hutton

        The massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza last summer is not a matter for flippant comments. 547 children lost their lives to IOF murder squads. Cowards in big tanks and F16s murdering children. Israel is an illegal occupying force. It steals Palestinian land, resources, destroys whole villages. An apartheid state where Palestinians are non-Persons in their own land.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          There’s no room for truth when Israel is involved, all you need to think (not know) is that they’re the victims of whatever they feel the need to be victims of and that gives them the justification to do what ever they like even if it is to mimic those who inflicted injustices on them and made them victims… oh, and something to do with a sky fairy promising them land.

          1. Jack Ascinine

            You’s can search my comments all you want and you won’t find any apologies for Israel. What you’ll find is Palestine is their own worst enemy.

      2. Brian MacCarthaigh

        That’s a disgraceful comment when consider Israel collectively punished the entire population of gaza last summer.
        Israel’s attack on Gaza 2014, the numbers

        • 2260 People killed
        • 630 Children killed
        • 77 Family lines eliminated
        • 10193 Total people injured
        • 3084 Children injured (33% of injured are children, 1000 permanently disabled)
        • 1800 Children orphaned
        • 1 out of every 2 children lost at least 1 loved one or had a loved one seriously injured
        • 10 Hospitals damaged
        • 7 PHC Clinics destroyed
        • 44 Primary health clinics totally destroyed
        • 16 Ambulances destroyed
        • 83 Health Professionals injured
        • 23 Health Professionals Killed
        • 161 Mosques bombed (41 totally leveled, 80 so severely damaged they cannot be repaired
        • 16,000 Homes destroyed and unrepairable
        • 470,000 People displaced (almost 30% of the entire population)
        • 240,000 People still in refugee camps
        • 100,000 People are still homeless
        • 223 Schools destroyed beyond repair

    3. T Newton

      To be fair to Israel they do not discriminate against Palestinian homosexuals, strait or homosexual they happily kill any Palestinian, blanket bombing Gaza, Schools, Hospitals, Homes, Refugee Camps even babies who do not know what sex is.

  2. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    For a second there I thought this festival was for the young population of Dublin who call each other Pal at every available opportunity.

    1. Kieran NYC

      I think ‘spoken word’ has music with it. Just talking instead of singing.

      But don’t take my word for it – I’m just some random lad on the internet :)

    1. Lilly

      Yes, and it’s never regular BS posters. Mention Israel and the randomers descend to defend the indefensible.

  3. Catherine Ann Cullen

    Fantastic achievement by Irish artists without any major grants or sponsorship, inspired by a desire for justice and human rights. Proud to be part of PalFest and look forward to experiencing as many events as I can get to!

  4. Damian

    If you stand with Apartheid Israel then you are very lucky to have such comrades in arms as the UVF, UDA, LVF, BNP, EDL, Austrian Freedom Party, Swedish Democrats and UKIP such a lovely few groups for you to admire because they just looooooooooove Irish people.

    1. Lilly

      Indeed. They could teach the FG’ers a thing or two when it comes to dive bombing with the comments.

  5. Siobhan

    Sounds like an amazing line up of events in aid of a highly worthy cause. Wish I could be in Dublin to be a part of this; best of luck to all involved!

  6. Westcoast

    ‘Free July 8-11?’
    Yes, free. Still not coming though… I just do not like to be used by propaganda, by any side…

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