Playing The Ball



From left: Thomae Kakouli; Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan; UCD’s Dr Julien Mercille (!); Socialist Party TD Ruth Coppinger and Eamon Dunphy

Earlier today.

At Buswell’s Hotel on Molesworth Street, Dublin.

The Greek Solidarity Committee (GCS) held a press conference to explain why it is staging a demonstration in Dublin tomorrow calling on people in Ireland to stand with Greece ahead of their referendum.

Some snippets…

More as we get it.

Earlier: ‘We Are A Proud People…Like The Irish’

Thanks Ronan Burtenshaw

55 thoughts on “Playing The Ball

  1. Mister Mister

    Didn’t I say Julien is heading off the reservation ?

    Aligning himself with a bunch of economic illiterates.

    1. scottser

      Take these broken wings
      And learn to fly again, learn to live so free
      When we hear the voices sing
      The book of love will open up and let us in
      Take these broken wings

  2. Mr. T.

    Coach load of little suits has just arrived at FG HQ, laptops at the ready for some serious trolling of any mention of solidarity with Greece.

    1. Mister Mister

      Like the Irish Water thing, airheads like yourself believe there’s no way that anyone can disagree with you, and if they do, they’re paid by FG to do so.

      Off the the Journals comments section with you.

          1. Mister Mister

            Sorry, missed that, was out ironing my blue shirt again, this heat plays havok with creating creases.

          2. rotide

            Might want to get yourself down to the burns unit there Mister sister after that classic piece of bantz from joe

      1. Mr. T.

        I happen to know for a fact that PR companies are keeping people on retainers to post comments online for political parties, write newspaper articles, letters, call phone-in shows, etc. Some are being paid from the US.

        1. jonotti

          So what if they’re being paid. It doesn’t negate any of their points of view.

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            Erm, yes it does. Of course it does. It means the point of view being posted is not an actual point of view. It’s a party line.
            Jesus Christ, it’s like The Shill Out Zone in here today.

        2. Wallander

          So, show us your proof. Don’t just say ” I happen to know for a fact”. That just sounds like BS.

        3. Paolo

          Another one of the facts that you know but haven’t proved. You knew for a fact that there were young FG throwing cones at the Gardai yesterday.

        4. TheMightyOne

          you are an agent provocoteur, with your ridiculous posts that make no sense, drive people to the enemy.

          I know this for a fact

    1. donkey_kong

      dunphy does good commentary on politics imo

      The problem with people who know about economics it’s they present opinion as fact
      there are many ways to proceed on the economic front – all of them wrong. Once people realise the sky won’t fall down they can build whatever society they choose.

      1. Paolo

        The sky won’t fall in but hospitals will close, banks will close, businesses will close, shops will be empty, inflation will accelerate and the Greeks will have nowhere else to go.

        1. Dubh Linn

          The young will migrate as soon as they can leaving an aging population with a decreased pension and no way out of a county that cannot look after them.
          Investment will slow down if not stop completely.
          Infrastructure will not be maintained.
          Rich people from all over the world will buy the country up chunk by chunk until it is turned into a little China / Japan / Saudi / USA diminutive…. but yes, the sky will stay in place.

    2. Mayor Quimby

      Charlie McCreevy appeared on the Last Word regularly. Dunphy always gave him a free ride, in fact Dunphy lionised him. He uttered his famous “pinko leftie” phrase on the show.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    On a side note, the Shinners took issue with UKIP using the Tricolour as a tablecloth following the Lisbon Treaty, back in 2008. But the Greek flag is okay seemingly.

    1. Mr. T.

      It’s not being used as tablecloth. It’s draped in front of the desk.

      Just so you’re clear on that.

    2. Willie Banjo

      Have you a link to that Shinner complaint about UKIP’s tablecloth? Because I suspect you completely made it up…

  4. Joe

    What would Eamon Dunphy know about economic competence? More than the FF/Labour/FG economic illiterates that believe that by pillaging and inflicting more savage austerity cuts (after it failed twice!) will somehow restore a countrys economy. As Einstein said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

    1. Mister Mister

      Good point, lets do what Greece is doing. Things are going swimmingly for them. They might even make it to Sunday with cash in the banks.

      1. Mr. T.

        Syriza is dealing with the mess left by generations of right wing pro-banking governments.

        But keep ignoring that because it suits your anti-left agenda.

        1. Mister Mister

          Ha ha, they’re ‘dealing’ with ? You seriously think they’re dealing with anything other than how to get the skidmarks out of the pants they shat into when they realised the monumental balls up they made of things ?

      2. Domestos

        IMF said yesterday the four main Greeks banks are all already bust now [due to the bank runs], or will be bust soon as they re-open. Make of that statement what you will.

    2. Condor

      Einstein didn’t say that. Only people who will believe anything believe that he did.

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, I gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly

          1. John E. Bravo

            That was “Remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen”; it was about bread and circuses.

      1. Odis

        No you convinced me m8, FG all the way.
        In fact, why don’t they send Enda over to sort out Greec,e while he’s on his summer break, for a few extra bob like?

  5. Owen

    They need more Paul Murphy. It’s the only way to get the unemployed masses into the streets for a peaceful intimidation.

    1. Mister Mister

      Paul is on his way to Greece at the moment (seriously) in order to help the guys with their referendum.

  6. PPads

    There is something very subversive going on when the oldest democracy in the world cannot declare what they are voting for, let alone against.

  7. Kieran NYC

    Time to stop pretending Mercille is any kind of academic. He fits his ‘facts’ to follow his agenda and not the other way around. Nothing more than a pro-Shinner commentator.

    If he had any integrity, he’d resign from UCD and run for the Dail with them.

  8. The Insight

    Boylan, Coppinger and Dunphy. 3 clear indications that I ain’t buying what they’re seling.

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