13 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. shanner

    What century do the British royals live in? Are they on their way to a fancy dress or did they find that ancient pram in a skip?

    1. Malta

      I have seen that pram in a shop, at least. On the other hand, I’ve no idea where they fund the clothes to dress George like that…

    2. Atticus

      It’s a traditional perambulator so they can perambulate their offspring in front of the plebs.

    3. dylad

      Good to see the Daily Mail is at last acknowledging that the Royals are a drain on taxes.

  2. delta V

    Offset that “cost” against the millions in agri subsidies your royal family collect annually from EU taxpayers on their vast estates, Daily Wail.
    BTW, does coffee give me/cure cancer this week?

  3. ollie

    120,000 arrest warrants? REALLY? And the Garda Commissioner was dragged to the Dail to explain to Alan Shatter why he was late home for his coddle.

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