The Raw Shank Collection



This morning.

Prison Officers from Mountjoy Prison display pills, hashish, lovingly hand-crafted knives and bottom-transported phones at the launch of the Irish Prison Service Confidential anti-trafficking telephone line at Dublin Castle.


(Leah Farrell/



The innards of a phone secreted within a well-meaning moccasin.

Damn hush puppies.

(Leah Farrell/

33 thoughts on “The Raw Shank Collection

  1. Digs

    The yellow shank! Double edged blades to eliminate the possibility of stitches! Nasty item!

    1. RobinBoy

      Looks like some sort of home charger. not very hard to make.
      See videos from a guy called Kip-Kay on YouTube.

  2. RobinBoy

    I know people like having a jibe at the Guards from time to time, but fair play to the prison Guards who actually do their job. Must be a very stressful job.

  3. Well that's that

    Why do prison inmates have the same mentality worldwide? The idea of a “shank” seems to be ubiquitous in prisons. Is it the innate nature of the prisoner or is it the environment that pushes them into such behaviour? Do they adopt those habits based on influences from seeing other prisons or?

    1. Stewart Curry

      It’s probably the easiest weapon you can make in prison. Easier to hide that than a baseball bat or a sniper rifle.

      1. Well that's that

        But why do they *need* weapons? What escalates the societal pressures to such an extent that they must fashion daggers? I don’t do that in the outside world. I don’t even carry a real dagger, or any kind of weapon.

        1. RobinBoy

          Inner fueds? Gangland especially.

          I didn’t know until recently that some prisoners can elect to be sent elsewhere (ie: Letterkenny). That baffles me. Heard two ex-joy lads chatting about it in full conversation on the street.

          Mind boggles.

        2. Rob_G

          That’s the things about prisons: some of the people residing there are victims of circumstance (to an extent), while some are very bad people.

        3. Don Pidgeoni

          Better to have one and not need it than be brutually beaten to death in the showers while a crooked guard looks the other way

  4. Jones

    That shank with the H shaped blade and the fluffy handle in the second pic is scary sh1t

      1. Well that's that

        Wouldn’t that be handy for holidays, as like an emergency mobile in your suit case in case your real phone gets stolen?

      2. Gers

        Note the “no metal plastic” – item designed for prisons no doubt.

        The top review is priceless on amazon…

  5. ahjayzis


    Weren’t the Prison Officers out recently saying they had f**k all in relation to protective gear? Armour those boys up! And throw in a payrise while you’re at it, not for all the money in the world…

    1. Officer

      Many thanks ahjayzis for you kind comments, I wish you worked for the Irish Prison Service HQ because you are right we have no protective gear while on duty in our country’s prisons just a blue shirt which is somehow meant to stop me from being stabbed, shot, spat at, pricked with a syringe, hit a pool ball/ pool cue etc. I think you get the idea of how violent our prisons have become on a daily basis and it is the poor officer on the landings trying his or her best to control some of the most dangerous and violent criminals without any real back up from prison management.

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        I can only hope that if I am ever jailed I have the cop on to fashion one of these babies *studies them intently*

  6. dhaughton99

    I wonder what happens to them if they are caught with them? Do they get charged by the Garda for offencive weapons or is it up to the warden?

  7. pissedasanewt

    I’d hope they would get their sentences increased if they were found with any kind of contraband.. how on earth did that big proper knife get in?? flick knife or not, its certainly not something you’d smuggle in up your ass.

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