10 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. TheMightyOne

    12 pins rather than 12 bens I believe but very nice, my favourite part of the world

      1. B Bop

        Connemara swoons!
        Anyone up for a sunny climb of Diamond Hill…a post Guinness in pub in Ballynahinch Castle.

  2. AlisonT

    “Just as well we ignored the terrible weather forecast” …… Just as well we ignored common sense and put the lives of the local mountain rescue team at risk. I wonder if the people killed and hospitalised in Wales at the weekend also made such a wonderful decision.

    1. Gers

      ^^ This. Its nice to finally get into the mind of the irresponsible idiots who do this kind of thing.

      1. Derpsack


        They are worse than ten Adolf Hiltlers. Taek this post down now. I have enough of this site. Goodby broadsheet *****les

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