Gaza Strips



This morning.

Eoghan Rice writes:

552 white ribbons on Merrion Square [Dublin] on anniversary of Gaza conflict. 1 ribbon for each child killed…

Yesterday: Growing Up In Gaza


90386432 90386433


Sandymount Strand, Sandymount, Dublin 4.

An installation comprising 556 tee-shirts in the sand to commemorate the child deaths in Gaza last year and part of the ongoing Palfest Ireland festival.

(Eamonn Farrell/


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47 thoughts on “Gaza Strips

  1. Friscondo

    Nice to see Israeli politicians and military celebrating the slaughter yesterday. Certainly tells you a lot about that criminal regime. They claimed it was to commemorate the murdering soldiers killed by Gazans defending their homes, but the triumphalism was unmistakeable.

    1. Fidelis et Verus

      Any figure on the number of Palestinians murdered by Hammas for alleged spying ? Or homosexuality ? or even just for trying to flee the fighting when Hammas wanted them to stay put and be slaughtered for propaganda purposes ? If you can’t be balanced you diminish the value of your comments.

      1. d4n

        “If you can’t be balanced you diminish the value of your comments” This is nonsense.

      2. ollie

        Balance is the number of Arab children slaughtered by Israel Vs the number of Jewish children slaughtered by Hamas.

      3. munkifisht

        13 since 1995 if you ask out of a total of 71 trials. To be balanced, if this is to be justified you have to have the biggest numbers, since 2000 there have been 8,166 deaths (recorded up to last year), 1,101 of those were Israeli, 72% of deaths on the Palestinian side have been civilian. since 2002 there has been a massive drop off in the number of Israeli deaths, and since 2005 for every one Israeli killed, 23 Palestinians have been killed.

        The stats for the conflict last year are as follows:
        66 soldiers and 6 civilians (1 Thai) killed, 469 soldiers and 87 civilians wounded

        Palestine have a number of sources
        Gaza Health Ministry: 2,310 killed (70% civilians), 10,626 wounded
        UN HRC: 2,251 killed, 65% civilians
        Israel MFA: 2,125 killed, 44% militants, 36% civilians, 20% uncategorized males aged 16-50

        If this is a balanced response please explain when it becomes unbalanced

        1. d4n

          Ah no, you have to be balanced by pretending both sides views are equally legitimate.

        2. Fidelis et Verus

          You seem to have conveniently overlooked the extrajudicial executions Hammas carried out in public and on a daily basis during the conflict.
          Referred to at the time by one Hammas commander as “housekeeping”.

          1. munkifisht

            OK, lets add that to the mix. Amnesty has the number at 23 in 2014. I am not supporting Hamas or the IDF. Both are douchebags, but I think as Clampers has said, Hamas is a product of the conflict and whenever you look at the numbers Israel simply doesn’t have a defense (this is of course predicated on believing that an Palestinian life is worth the same as an Israeli one). Israel has the power, backing and technology to stop the fighting and sue for peace. Politically they can’t now though as most Israelis are brainwashed into believing that all Palestinians are inherently evil and need to be wiped from the face of the earth. The conflict will only end when the tit for tat battle ends. One side has to stop retaliating and that will mean they will have to endure some short term bombardment and probable more loss of life.

      4. Jack Ascinine

        Hamas is the worst enemy of Palestinians, not Israel. I love how blindly the Israeli haters are to common facts. You’ll never hear them admonish Hamas for their role in the whole affair. It’s like Israel woke up one morning and said “Screw it, let’s bomb Gaza today. A bit slow on the Syrian front these days.”

        1. ollie

          Jack Ascinine , as with other pro Israeli people, your selective hearing and viewing is set to “kill”

        2. munkifisht

          I love how blindly lump the dead into one of the two respective sides despite the fact it’s civilians who are being primarily targeted by both sides. IDF or Hamas, they’re one and the same, both are a bunch of murdering ****s, IDF is winning though. They’re definetly brilliant at killing civilians, Hamas have gotten pure cat sh!te at it.

        1. shitferbrains

          There hasn’t been a single Jew living in Gaza since they withdrew in 2005. The result they got was Hamas; not peace.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Withdrew…. ? You mean stepped back a bit.

            …. ’cause they knew what was coming. Israel will not stop until it has taken all the Palestinian land.

            That is the only fact that needs to be understood properly. They are bent on stealing Palestinian land since day one.

        2. realPolithicks

          The very same argument could be applied to the IRA/Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, yet your hatred for this organization is well documented on this website.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            IRA/SF did some fupped up sh*t, in times of the troubles. I don’t use that to bash them with. My dislike is from what they’ve been carrying on with since 1998.

            On Hamas, I’m in no way condoning actions of Hamas… but when you look at the situation Hamas has come from and is in, I’m not surprised. And I blame Israel for creating that problem.

            …not sure if that addressed your comment.

      5. obviousPoint

        When we talk about Gaza and balance.

        I am imbalanced I have bias toward the side whose the kids who were slaughtered wholesale.

  2. Fidelis et Verus

    Do these ribbons also represent the hundreds of Palestinians murdered by Hamas death squads during the conflict ?

    1. Mani

      Yeah. Absolutely they do. They also represent the number of people who trip over themselves to play whataboutery online, while getting a semi at the thought of trying to get their point across on a thread relating to the commemoration of dead children.

        1. fluffybiscuits

          Lowest of the low

          Point score by hijacking a thread about the deaths of childen

          Fidelis et Verus maybe you could get a full time job with the Hasbara?

          1. donkey_kong

            fluffy you are spot on.

            Gutter behaviour hijacking a thread like this.

            My heart breaks at that photo

          2. Joe the Lion

            as soon as Gaza is mentioned the reptilians and sloths emerge from the slime

        2. Kieran NYC

          Hey Joe, you should sneakily suggest that they were drunk and somehow deserved it.

          Yeah! That’ll show ’em!

    2. Fluter bad

      No. Just the one murdered by a country that likes to consider itself a democracy.

  3. AlisonT

    Why do they keep calling this a conflict?
    Genocide is what is happening in this Ghetto.

    1. sycamoreal

      Palestinians have been throwing stones and homemade mortars at well-armed Israeli soldiers for years. the resulting slaughter of innocence is not a scoreboard or something that needs to be balanced. Hammas are incapable of governing as they driven by hatred and poisoned by a religion. Their actions retard the development of the Palestinian state. Israel is the same but with better guns.

      1. well

        Right next time someone gets shot in a gangland killing we should bulldoze the whole of west of Dublin.

    2. shitferbrains

      Trocaire is an uber Catholic outfit with supercessionist beliefs. Not the right outfit to be meddling with Jews and Arabs.

  4. Friscondo

    And Israel isn’t poisoned by religion? Children are the ultimate victims of war and conflict. They have no say in what drives the violence. Israel continually shows contempt for Arab lives, whether Muslim or Christian, gay or straight.

  5. ESV

    This is important and I’m glad to see this. Last summer already feels like a long time ago. It’s vital to remain aware that this slaughter happened, and is happening, in our time.

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