Rebel Hell And Back



From boom to bust.

The south did rise again.

Copa 90 writes:

From liquidation to Europe in 5 years – this is the incredible story of how the supporters of Cork City helped save the club and bought them back from the brink of extinction

*slams down Tanora*

Brian Lennox?


6 thoughts on “Rebel Hell And Back

  1. Mr. Camomile T

    Great film, 12 minutes well spent (honestly!). Really enjoying this series of League of Ireland films, almost tempted to head to a game one of these days.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Do it.

      Don’t listen to lads with two left feet of their own crying about the standard. There’s a very simple reason our standard isn’t as high as other leagues. Competitiveness is what you want from a game of football, or any sport. LOI is good for that, unless your a Limerick supporter. Sniff.

    2. Drogg

      Definatly get down to a game. There is great craic and camaraderie, loads of singing and taking the p**s out of your neighbouring teams. I suggest giving Drogheda United your support as they are obviously the best middling bottom team out there.

  2. Franno

    A Tanora and a fish supper from Lennox’s after 3 pints of Beamish in the Sportsman’s Arms is about as Caaark city as it gets biy.

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