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TheLADbible tweetz:

“Vegetarian baiting outside a shop in Dublin.”

27 thoughts on “Pork Life

    1. Medium Sized C

      How do you know someone is a vegan.


      BOOM BOOM!

      Oldest one in the book but as unfair as it is to generalise, it comes true too often.

  1. Grouse

    I don’t think this is vegetarian baiting, because a vegetarian would know live without bacon is pretty grand. I guess it’s more clique marketing to a certain type of meat eater?

  2. Smellyer

    Reddit Baiting sign writers.


  3. bisted

    …it’s a good job we have blasphemy laws in this country because that sign is blatantly anti-semetic…not to mention insulting to islam in the holy season of ramadam…and on a friday!

  4. daddy longlegs

    remember the good old days when bacon was as in ‘bacon and cabbage’ and associated with poverty? and rashers were what we liked? I remember those days

    1. Medium Sized C

      Bacon is pig meat.
      It always has been.
      The problem you are having is you are projecting your own misunderstanding onto the language.

      Rasher is a type of cut of Bacon.
      A thin slice of bacon.

        1. The Old Boy

          Bacon is cured meat from the back or sides of a pig, of which rashers are a cut. Where’s the argument?

          1. daddy longlegs

            you are utterly mistaken. what this shop is talking about is the cut which we in this country used to call rashers but which in america is simply called bacon.
            they have fallen foul of ‘baconmania’ which has taken hold since the atkins diet fad


            it is pathetic and so are you. you are pathetic and stupid

          2. Medium Sized C

            Surely a case of Bacon-mania-mania.

            I can’t help you, but sombody can.
            Don’t suffer in silence.

  5. scottser

    whatever about bacon, the vegetarians i know have all, without exception, succumbed to the temptations of the humble sausage at some time or other. ‘sausage relapse syndrome’ is a real thing people..

    1. The Old Boy

      Is that not what those awful “Pray away the gay” courses in America call a “relapse”?

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