A Limerick A Day



A statue called Molly Malone,
On Facebook just cannot be shown,
They reckon her chest,
Which ranks with the best,
Is something they will not condone.

John Moynes



Today marks three years of ‘A Limerick A Day’ by poet, author and comedian John Moynes (above).

On July 16, 2012, with a thoughful meditation on former Health Minister James Reilly,  John began reporting the day’s leading events through the medium of five-line anapestic meter.

While some derided John as the ‘Charlie Manson of scansion’, A Limerick A Day has gone on to become a cherished moment in the 24-hour news cycle for lovers of current affairs and poetry alike. Thank you John from everyone at the ‘sheet.

To celebrate three years of limericks why not wish John many happy returns with a birthday ‘rick?


39 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Carlos Strange

    Three years ago this very day,
    John added to the Broadsheet fray,
    A lyrical dream,
    The rhyming scheme,
    A A, B B, then A

    Good on ya John and Broadsheet. Maybe time to form a Poemlitical Party?
    What could be verse?
    I’ll get me coat, have to feed the meter…..

  2. Ronan

    James Reilly was how John did start
    To rhyme once a day from his heart
    We all love the time
    When his rhymes go online
    As we know he’s perfected the art

  3. John E. Bravo

    While some may not quite ‘ppreciate,
    Your efforts are nonetheless great.
    Though issues of scansion
    Bring fissures and tension,
    Congrats on the triumvirate.


    There once was a man called Moynes,
    His poetry described the times,
    “It’s shit!” some would say,
    As they sipped on their tay,
    And still tune in every day.

  5. Donal

    In times of trouble and strife
    when news stabs like a knife
    john brightens our day
    with his poems so gay
    we’re never going to give you up, never going to let you down…

  6. swoon

    There was a sick badger from Nass
    Who vanished one day without trace.
    Search parties, they looked
    Funeral directors,booked
    Whilst it holidayed on John Moyne’s face.

  7. collynomial

    ’cause the years of your reign are now three
    The lads of Broadsheet wish to thank thee
    Before I try steal your crown
    I had better sit down
    It’s harder than it looks, as you see

  8. Gary Flood

    John Moynes works within the confines
    Of the elegant strictures of rhymes,
    They are often quite comic,
    With use economic
    Of five daily hand-crafted lines.

    Keep ‘er lit, John.

  9. Jimmee

    Johnny went out to chop some wood… daa-doo, daa-doo!
    Johnny went out to chop some wood… daa-doo, daa-doo!
    The wind blew, the axe flew, Johnny came home with his balls in two
    … daa-doo-doo-doo-doo diddly-eee-iii-daa-doo, daa-doo

    Johnny went out to milk the cow… daa-doo, daa-doo!
    Johnny went out to milk the cow… daa-doo, daa-doo!
    He pulled the tail instead of the tit, Johnny came home all covered in shit
    … daa-doo-doo-doo-doo diddly-eee-iii-daa-doo, daa-doo

  10. Mick Flavin

    It’s 3 years since Broadsheet first ran
    A limerick from that bearded man.
    Hundreds he wrote;
    I suppose he’s a poet,
    If he only could get them to scan.

  11. Gers

    I stopped reading those a long time ago,
    I dont know much about poetry,
    Maybe John got stuck in a limbo,
    Don’t quit the day job l’ami!

  12. Joe835

    It’s a restrictive and maddening medium
    Writing limericks really must be pure tedium
    But to express in five lines
    The extent of these rhymes
    Means they’re fun when we do be reading them

  13. fluffybiscuits

    Its the opposite of the Daily Mail
    They openly slate Fine Gael
    Pro lifers are dumb
    Labour are numb
    And BS happily tell every tale…

    Bravo John and keep up the good work

  14. Joe the Lion

    daily ditch-hurlers spew
    vitriol, coddle and stew
    at their resident wit
    who makes few words fit
    often unappetisingly

  15. Squiggleyjoop

    Although it might seem that he’s quick
    To spit out a witty Limerick
    I now take the stance
    He writes them in advance
    So he must be some sort of psychic

  16. Bad At Memes

    Three years we’ve put up with this crap
    I suppose we should start a slow clap
    For his linguistic frolics
    Some folk called him a bollix
    But he’s really a very nice chap.

    Apologies and well done John.

  17. Em-malicious

    Over 900 ‘ricks he has penned
    T’would send lesser men round the bend
    But no bother to John
    He just keeps scribbling on
    And we laud what we scarce comprehend

    Thanks John, keep on rolling out those rhymes! Em.

  18. Bad At Memes

    realPolithicks, you are a schmuk
    This stuff wouldn’t work in a book
    Tell me how you think
    You can print out a link
    -Would it work? Would it F!

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