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  1. Joe cool

    I would wish a slow painful demise to Mr ahern. My children’s children will be paying for your ineptitude you clown . While his, has a boyband member and berties useless unknown daughter to look after them

    1. Bad At Memes

      And that’s why they price it at 5p (cheaper than the Daily Mail, and 10 times better) in the top left corner..
      The average reader ‘might’ notice that his change is short, but he’ll still think he got a paper for 5p.
      -And you can’t argue with that!

  2. classter

    The Daily Mail is clearly horrendous in many ways but it is generally much better at holding politicians to account and doing so in a populist way than the ‘Irish’ papers typically are.

    The IT describes a ‘classic Ahern performance’. The Examiner leads with a more sympathetic ‘The Crash breaks my heart’ and lays out how he ‘deftly’ avoided any blows. The Daily Mail eschews the grudging admiration and his self-serving cant and lands a blow of its own.

    1. NilNocere

      just goes to show how much of a failure the bank inquiry has been. it’s turned into a show trial, with no consequences for the accused, and piss poor questioning from the politicians. no real serious sense that they are trying to get to the bottom of the causes of the crash

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Well said.

      You won’t see anything harsh in The Sunday Times either as Bertie was supported heavily by News of the World and The Sun when in govt…. and then there’s the cupboard ad.

  3. Róisín

    Although I’m not sure of the necessity of showing British papers every day, Broadsheet, can you please stop giving the Express oxygen?

    1. baby back ribs

      yo ro, whats up with your blog updates, lol..miss your musings, you were fast becoming my guide through my this jungle of life xxxx

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Everyone consumes British media on this island… whether its TV, internet, press or radio… it’d be silly if we didn’t watch what our closest neighbour and biggest trading partners media was reporting…. even the crap papers.

  4. dereviled

    The problem with the banking inquiry is that Fine Gael controlled many of the local councils and by subverting the planning process were complicit in the housing pyramid scheme.
    Tax incentives for construction during a construction boom had nothing to do with Lehmann Brothers.
    Furthermore, we collected billions in stamp duty which was ultimately borrowed money: a self-defeating exersize for the state.
    The important thing for me is that everyone who was tax-compliant is now repaying all that tax and the fabled ‘cash buyers’ of the crashed economy now pay a pittance in property tax.
    I would recommend reading “Irrational Exuberance; The Myth of the Celtic Tiger” (Anthony Sweeney, 1999).
    We even named our bubble after the Asian model that failed. (Wiki link, soz, have to go do something!)

  5. Brian S

    The sun should have run with “robo-plegic wrong cock sent home from prison” much better ring to it than “wheelchair paedo”

  6. Maria B

    Why are they allowed scripts? Its absolutely a farce. They all seem to be Sorry! Same Drama Teacher employed for all? Making a laugh of the PAC and us ……. again!

  7. Quint

    Look at him! A photo with each developer means he DID know them and interact with them and he deliberately brought the country to its knees in cahoots with the developers. LIAR!!! BASTARD! Hang him!!! And his family too! Burn his daughter’s books!! Where does he live? Let’s get him!!! Who’s with me???

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