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Fergus Finlay and Dusty the dolphin in Inis Oirr

The Herald reports:

The former Labour adviser was swimming around Inis Oirr harbour with his daughter and two grandchildren when the dolphin, known as Dusty, head-butted him full force in the upper thighs.

The dolphin was known for erratic attacks when she was in Co Clare, and since a move to Inis Oirr last year signs have been put up around the harbour warning swimmers to be careful.
“She came straight at me and sort of rammed me with her head into what I’d politely call my upper thighs and knocked me off my feet,” Mr Finlay told the Herald.

Barnardos chief Fergus Finlay ‘lucky’ after dolphin attack in Aran Islands (The Herald)

Pic: Fergus Finlay

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33 thoughts on “Not A Fun Guy

  1. Mikeyfex

    Barney’s film had heart but Fergus Finlay getting a bottlenose in the Upper Thighs had Fergus Finlay getting a bottlenose in the upper thighs.

  2. Pedantic Pat

    Dolphins are a protected species in Irish waters. Irish waters are a designated whale sanctuary. Therefore it is illegal to swim with dolphins in the wild. Arrest him!

  3. Kevin Quinn

    Can we take it Fergus won’t be on every radio station demanding rights-based legislation with built-in, CPI-linked compensation for dolphins, so?

  4. Medium Sized C

    “She started flipping her tail in the water and I thought she wanted to play, she didn’t.”

    That bit is important.
    The flipping the tail in the water is not a Dolphins way of saying they want to play.
    Its their way of saying “Fupp off, now or I headbutt you in the upper thighs.”

    Fergus Finlay may not have known that, and that is cool.
    But its important to remember that most signals that a wild animal gives you do not amount to “I want to play”.

    1. guy bague

      Get used to the flipping your tail gesture come GE Fergus. Your Labour Luvvie friends will be the protected species after it.

    1. Mani

      I wanted to say ‘Fin Proctor Gores Spin Doctor’ but realised it made bugger all sense.

  5. Neilo

    Having never quite recovered from reading A Cruel Trade, I heartily endorse the dolphin/ballsack interaction.

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