33 thoughts on “Clogging Hell

  1. Martin Heavy-Guy

    If you cropped out the middle part it would look like an aerial view of the Irish countryside.

    1. Jones

      The toothless wonders who sit along here drinking Bucky will probably go for a mosey across it later!

    1. C Sharp

      Prob not helped by all the grass cuttings from when they were mowing the banks being chucked in to the canal.

  2. Weldoninhio

    Eutrophication, removes oxygen from the water, killing any fish etc. At least in the canal it’ll work for good, slowing the rust of the many native trolleys.

  3. pedeyw

    As an aside, anyone still thinking of jumping in the canal for a paddle would be wise to wander up to the Kylemore road end before doing so. It’s terrible.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Anyone jumping in the canals for a paddle is far from wise in the first place. The amount of nitrates, phosphates, effluent, motor fuel, rotting animals, rusting appliances and (possibly) a dead body would make you seriously ill.

      1. D2dweller

        Think you’re right actually. They’re the ones who’ve been spending the last 3 and a half months replacing the gangway just behind that photographer.

        They a department of the OPW I presume? If so, that explains a lot

        1. Mick Flavin

          I’m not sure if they’re OPW, but I know they work fairly slowly. Maybe they have their reasons (playing extreme devil’s advocate here).

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