No Reverb Added


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The Wikisinger – an acoustic music video filmed in 15 different locations (using only location sound) then edited together by Touché Videoproduktion Creative.

It’s good. You’ll see.

Then there’s this rather excellent multi-location drumming video they made back in 2013.


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10 thoughts on “No Reverb Added

      1. John E. Bravo

        Fewer/no ads, uncluttered display (less promotion of other videos next to the one being watched), more control over channel design and an overall caché among video folk that it’s more reputable.

  1. rory

    Speaking of melodic wiki things, here is a site called ‘Listen to Wikipedia’.

    Said site produces a succession of chimes/strings, every time someone edits Wikipedia.
    It’s quite soothing. It’s also interesting to see what kind of Wikipedia entries are out there.

      1. rory

        Well actually, soothing might not be the accurate word. It’s diverting for about 90 seconds anyway.

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