15 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Conor

    Sure jaysus that story has been doing the rounds in Killinamuck GAA clubs for donkeys boi. Some man for one man hai

  2. Bingo

    Marty is a painful commentator.
    As soon as I realised he was on the mic for the Ulster final, I switched over to BBC NI.
    Having said that, he isn’t helped by the likes of Martin Kearney and Tommy ‘Tom’ Carr on co-comm.

  3. TomRed

    About as much talent as a spoon.
    So they give him another radio show to do…
    Couldn’t even be ar#ed wearing a tie to Bill-o’s funeral (even Dunphy wore one, ffs) and where he was photographed Superglued beside a former Miss Ireland.
    Another from the green pool of ooze that’s meant to be some sort of ‘talent’ in Ireland….

  4. Toni The Exotic Dancer

    Ahhhh… Why did I click through and read that article. Pointless. The Fu**king Indo….What a rag!

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