Last night.

President Higgins – who addressed a major climate change summit in Paris this morning (see link below) – and Sabina attend a dinner at the Elysee Palace greeted by President François Hollande and Major Eric, France’s tallest man.

President calls for moral courage to respond to climate change (RTE)


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13 thoughts on “Elysquee

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Love his prez. work etc. but what qualifications does Michael D have regarding climate? Isn’t he more of an Arts aficionado than a Science one?

    1. newsjustin

      If only scientists speak about the need to address climate change, then not too much is going to change.

    2. Tidy Dave

      Do you really need a degree in anything when you call for more awareness of an important issue? Surely knowing it’s important and using the soapbox you have in a positive manner is all cool beans?

      If you were being tongue-in-cheek, whoops.

    3. classter

      Politics rather than science/engineering has been the primary block on dealing with climate change.

      From that perspective, Michael D is well-qualified.

  2. bisted

    …Squee lecturing people on moral courage? The same Squee who rubber stamped the most devisive piece of legislation ever to be foisted on people without comment and with undue haste…moral courage my áras.

    1. PaddyIrishMan

      Despite it being pointed out a number of times on this site you still don’t understand the role of the President with regard to the signing of legislation.

    2. classter

      bisted – you don;t agree wiht a piece of legislation. Fair enough,

      There was no indication it was unconstitutional.

      Therefore, Michael D (irrespective of his personal views) ‘rubber stamped’ it.

  3. dereviled

    Maybe the President of the Republic of Ireland doesn’t have crushing insecurities.
    Still cuddly : )

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