21 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In IKEA

  1. ReproBertie

    Mother and toddler spot? The icon painted in the spot appears to also contain a male figure. Every child deserves a mother and a father MK.

  2. delacaravanio

    1. Assuming the driver isn’t a woman, they’re parent and child spots.
    2. Nice bike, but after you strap the youngster on the back there isn’t going to be much room for flat pack furniture.

  3. spider

    Parent and child spaces have no basis in law & rely solely on the good nature of other motorists… so the motorcyclist is fully entitled to use the space. Particularly if no other spaces were available…

    I have noticed many car drivers using similar spaces without the prerequisite child… and they haven’t been called out on Broadsheet…

    1. Paolo

      Funny, I thought that this was a car park owned and operated by Ikea so they can enforce any rules they like. Ikea says that this spot is reserved for parents carrying children so it is reserved for parents carrying children.

      1. joj

        The legally couldn’t as it would fall under discrimination, legally they have to provide handicap spaces only

        1. Fatman Scooperman

          There is no legal obligation to provide disabled parking spaces in car parks, be they local authority or private.

  4. j

    is the parent & child parking spot not in the same vein as holding the door open and giving up your seat on a train,
    no law that says you have to, but people will think you’re a nicer person for doing it

  5. joj

    issue? not a disabled spot perfectly valid.

    Mother and child spots irritate,me especially the amount of overweight mothers and kids going around that could do with the exercise

    1. Bill

      You sound like a real Di*khead. Why would those spaces irritate you? The spaces are wider so the parent can get the child in and out of the car, do you know how difficult that is when parked in a normal size space and some as*hole parks so close you can barely open the door. By the sounds of your comment you are probably one of those as*holes though.

  6. noc

    OK, so I smiled when I saw this photo for the sheer audacity of it. However, on a serious note, one of my pet hates is people who gripe about parent and child spots. They’re provided for several very good reasons.
    1. You’ll notice the spots are usually placed close to the doors or to a relatively safe path from spot to doors. This is because young children, due to their small size, are difficult to see in car parks. They also don’t have a lot of road sense so can dart out and could be hit by a car easily in a car park. The less time they spend walking from car to the safety of the shop, the better for everyone. And before you say ‘it’s up to parents to control them’, that may be true in theory but in practice, if you’ve more than one child, it can be difficult to keep hold of all of them and even with one child, a load of shopping bags, and fumbling for car keys etc. means you can’t keep your hand on them all the time.
    2. You’ll notice the spots are extra wide. This is because you can’t get a child in or out of a car seat without opening the door fairly wide/ fully. And people don’t tend to take to kindly to others denting their car int he neighbouring spot either.

    So in light of the above, please, please let it go for the love of manners, courtesy, decency or even just plain practicality. You’d swear the way some people go on that children existed just to spite them (how very dare they?).

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Correct on 1. and 2.
      I’d also be cool with the working parent who is rushing to get home / to the crèche / childminder and uses the allocated spaces sans-chisler.

      A friend of mine who’s kids are now adults says that the spaces didn’t exist when she needed them so she believes it’s payback time. But that’s another matter.

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