20 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Chris

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think babies will be thrown into the sea.

  2. Bad At Memes

    I know it’s kinda funny, but this seagull thing is serious.
    They used to give me hassle 5-6yrs ago, in Walkinstown, Dublin 12.
    -You dare walk in a place near where they decided to build their nest, you’re a target…
    …and they don’t just come in ones or twos, they come in gangs of six or more.

    It IS frightening.

    1. Bad At Memes

      My advice…find a wall and stand against it.
      Or a tree.

      Remove their ability to swoop in at you from all directions.
      They’ll stop, eventually.

      Then find and smash the bejayzus out of their eggs.
      They will eventually leave your neighbourhood, broken-hearted, but wiser.

      Peace brothers!

  3. C

    why not call it Laganderry (bit of a play on the Legendderry sign they had up last year). The river Lagan defines the city and it would take away all this LDerry bull

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