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CC Brez – Her Alibi

Cormac ‘CC Brez’ Breslin [former Republic of Loose guitarist, don’t you know] writes:

Here’s a video for my latest single. Directed by Stephen Mogerly. The track is available for free from the link in the credits section. I hope you enjoy.

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(H/T Pete Ruotolo)

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10 thoughts on “You May Like This

      1. Drogg

        People go see them they get on music tv shows an you would be surprised how much some people defend their brand of swill.

        1. Tucker Done

          1. Name a music tv show you’ve watched in the last 12 months
          2. Then add the date that republic of loose appeared on it

          Obviously a member of the band shagged your girlfriend/boyfriend, and that’s unfortunate, but they’re hardly so newsworthy to have a such strong view of them

          1. Drogg

            Seriously that the best baiting you can do that they obviously slept with my girlfriend boyfriend, so childish. I actually bum fupped half the band and no one called me back so i was a bit hurt by that and there s**t music also.

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