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In his quest for vintage bodywork, chrome dreamer Patrick ‘Carspotter’ Cummins travelled to Walkinstown, Co Dublin and returned with these three stone cold classics.

1. Ford Zephyr: “I was delighted to randomly happen upon this Ford Zephyr 6 Mark III. The Mark III was manufactured between 1962 and 1966 and used a 2.55L inline 6 engine. My father recalls the Zephyr being used by the Gardai in the mid 1960s.”

2. Mercedes 280SE (W116): “The 2.8L variant of the early Mercedes S-Class was its entry-level engine. Nonetheless it’s such a shame to see a car of this caliber in need of a mountain of TLC. I’m no expert on old Irish registrations but could this be an original Irish car?”

3. Unidentified Fiat Coupe: “I came across this car lying up abandoned in a garden. At first glance I thought it was a Jensen Interceptor but then came to realise it was an old Fiat. My hunch tells me it’s a 124 coupe but maybe someone can clarify what model it is. Anyone?”

Pics; Patrick Cummins

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9 thoughts on “Classic Cars In Your Area

  1. martco

    it is indeed a Fiat 124 Sport Coupe….and that’s a mortal sin going on there
    did you offer to buy it??

    1. martco

      I did….that’s a lovely lovely car alrite & one of my favourites of all time…top 5 along with Jensen Interceptor , pre 73 911T, 67 Mustang Fastback, Mk1 Golf GTi…or no…maybe 205GTi 1.9….or E30 BMW or no maybe or (now see what u done ffs???) :)

  2. 'Carspotter'

    Hi all,

    It’s worth noting that I did knock at the door where both the Fiat and Merc were parked outside. Unfortunately there was no answer. The house and garden seemed a bit dilapidated so I wonder if the owner still lives there at all. I have some more classics from this Walkinstown shoot coming soon.


    1. martco

      there’s a good few suburban car graveyards around Dublin alrite…I know another good one bit like this one near Cabinteely…not sure how they make me feel…kinda sad but happy they’re there at same time dunno, it’s odd

    2. Hank

      I like these posts a lot – thanks Patrick.
      And yeah, I think that’s either a Dublin or Wicklow reg on the Merc..

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