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And breathe.

You may recall the controversial booze-free, yoke-lite early morning Morning Gloryville yoga rave last July at the YogaHub studios on Camden Place in Dublin.


On Wednesday, they celebrated their first birthday at Hangar, Andrew’s Lane in Dublin 2 – with help from electronic fiddler Daithí Ó Draonaí (third pic from bottom) and assorted carnie folk.

Par-tay, in fairness.

Pics: Humans of Dublin via Morning Gloryville Dublin

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Peter Varga Photography

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26 thoughts on “Inhale

  1. Ploppy

    Fair play to them…I haven’t been able to have fun without stimulants since I was 8.

  2. Jonotti

    Awful display of forced fun. You can bet they would constantly bore you about not needing drink or drugs to have a good time. Constantly bring up drugs unprompted.

  3. ReproBertie

    Just who do these people think they are going out and enjoying themselves without following the government mandated programme of drinking excessively?

    Let us unleash the bile of our closedmindedness upon them!

  4. Armitage Shanks

    Straight-edge for an new generation?!

    Part of me wants to say fair play but god damn it, just look at all the “wackiness”

  5. The Old Boy

    There are much better ways to have fun without drinking than attempting to emulate an experience that seems largely crafted to be made tolerable by alcohol. They look like an obnoxious shower. Perhaps no more obnoxious than any Leeson Street crowd on a Friday night, but that is a fairly low bar.

  6. Rob_G

    Has anyone been? What’s it like? Apart from the ‘wackiness’, which looks a bit forced (the costumes and whatnot), it looks like good craic

  7. dereviled

    Look at all those colourful happy people enjoying themselves.
    What monsters.
    I’m going to stay in my room, typing.

  8. John E. Bravo

    My favourite is the guy in the Leeds United jersey poking out under the armpit of young yogaing Proinsias De Rossa in the sixth photo down

    1. Mikeyfex

      Dawson’s Creek made it along too on the opposite side of the photo to the wacky whistle guy.

  9. Kieran NYC

    If they *had* booze at an event early in the morning, the same pious, snarky commentors would be giving out about Ireland’s drunk culture and ‘We Are A Nation of Alcoholics'(TM).

  10. PPads

    I know one of these. She sprayed antiperspirant into someone’s face because they just had a fag? In a work place?

    No. Never. No. Absolutely not.

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