Rollercoaster Café


rollercoaster_07 rollercoaster_09 rollercoaster_011 rollercoaster_12 rollercoaster_13

rollercoaster_05What looks like a clone-tool heavy CG rendering but is, in fact, an actual sculpture by Baptiste Debombourg entitled Stellar at Place du Bouffay in Nantes.

A static ‘rollercoaster’ made from 1200 brightly coloured café chairs created for this month’s La Voyage Á Nantes.


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9 thoughts on “Rollercoaster Café

  1. Laine

    Seriously – a static roller-coaster. How depressing is that. And pointless. *sighs* Art makes me sad.

    1. Caroline

      Me too. Really makes me despair at the mundane ever transcending its static position in the everyday. I wish art would stop making me think things and just accept it’s a total failure and go home and cry in its room.

    2. Tony

      Like that National Portrait Gallery place. I was in that kip the other day all looking at the faces. And do ye know what? There only paint. There not real faces at all. Jays I’ll tell you I was furious. Pulled down me pants and started roaring. F***ers threw me out.

      I hate art.

    3. scottser

      that’s a shocking waste of chairs. and all the poor people who’d love an oul sit but can’t afford a chair. should be ashamed of himself, the feckin chair-waster.

  2. ahjayzis

    This I like.

    Monsieur Debombourg may continue not getting a real job, as far as I’m concerned.

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