24 thoughts on “Car In A Bag

  1. JunkFace

    Great for old people who aren’t too mobile.

    looks silly if you are young , fit, and able to walk

    1. Kieran NYC

      If it was meant for old people, they’d attach a zimmerframe type yoke around it for stability, etc.

      No, this is for fat chungwans and fellits.

  2. Mr. T.


    Go have a look at an average footpath or road and see how many cracks, joins, drains and potholes that will render that mostly useless.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Not to mention moles that pop up and slow you down for a half lap.

  3. Sam

    Just imagine the impact this would have on Broadsheet posts.
    No more ” Classic Parking ” posts but new and strange ” We don’t normally do this ” posts from people whose car was last seen on a bar stool.

    1. Sam

      The common vision for a dystopian future would change radically if we have to imagine Mad Max on one of these things battling some bogan on a Segway.

      I imagine the trailer for that low octane, high mpg, prius-filled snooze-fest will be posted shortly, along with the title “Miffed Max, Road of the Damned (Hipsters) “

    2. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

      I’m going to go on the drugs now,
      The drinks don’t work. © Richtard Arse-Crust.

      If I accidentally end up back here later on, please pay no attention to me.
      It wont be me, I swear.

  4. Mark Dennehy

    Allegedly goes for seven miles on a charge, then needs three hours to recharge. Steers by weightshifting and goes the moment you step on it.

    – even if it works as advertised, it’s going to drain the battery so fast that it’s going to become just more weight you have to carry as you walk the last half of your trip;
    – you’ll have to learn to use it like you’d have to learn to use a skateboard, and since it’ll skitter away the moment you step on it, it’s going to be even more accident-prone;
    – given its size, it seems really unlikely it can even meet the fairly low bar it’s set itself for distance travelled on a full charge;
    – and it’ll cost $800 even if they hit no snags manufacturing it.

    This thing does actually succeed enormously in one way – it manages to make the segway look practical and useful, something that even the Sinclair C5 couldn’t do.

    1. The smoking priest

      Don’t waste your time with bullet points especially when your points are not very strong.

  5. pissedasanewt

    This has been around for years, even used in Father Ted…

    I await the Department of Education making this mandatory in the school yard to prevent kids from getting injured while playing following a subtle backhander from the makers of this product.

    I can see it also getting a bit of use in Facebook and Google type offices or large warehousing where getting from A -> B in a hurry is not an issue.

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