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    1. Caroline

      The real surprise is that there’s still any Arial Rounded MT Bold left since I finished college.

  1. phil

    Thats just one side of the equation, once all the works are complete and the service is running, those business will be offering discounts to customers with valid luas tickets , why? because of all the extra business the luas will bring to these establishments …

  2. Sancho

    Businesses are right to be concerned. It’ll cost them a lot of money, and many may not survive. In the long term, the businesses located there will benefit, but, as Keynes once said, in the long term were all dead, and there is no guarantee the business located along the line when it is finished will be the same businesses that are there now. It’s not unreasonable that those business located there should have their views taken into consideration and disturbances should be minimized. No one can argue that they wont lose out financially while the work is being done (and the work will inevitably take ages and go on much longer than “budgeted”). Giving the businesses along the line some kind of tax break during the period would be my suggestion. The tax break would be associated with the property and could be transferred to a successor but couldn’t be transferred to anyone else (i.e. the owner).

    1. Sancho

      And when it’s not operating, and when the street is being dug up for several years, it will crush much of the businesses and wipe out many businesses without significant cash reserves. But sure, it’s grand, these people should stop moaning and recognize the common good.

      1. Kieran NYC

        They’re on the busiest section of the busiest part of the busiest city in the country.

        If they can’t make enough money to see them through temporary disruption, it might be their own fault.

  3. Kevin O'Shea

    When i used this firm they were pretty fair. They worked on a “no win no fee” basis. And they didn’t charge for the consultation! I thought this was a pretty good deal.

  4. Paula

    Heard most on Harcourt St. received compensation from these people. In all fairness the luas promised they would bring more people to the area but they didn’t, went right past their door to far ends of the street!

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