12 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. donal

      Agreed, very few cars would make me part with that much cash (assuming I’m a multimillionaire lottery winner) but that one would.

    1. Mikeyfex

      It does. I’d be unsure if it weren’t for being able to see the reflection of the photographer in the rim of the headlamp in the 2nd picture – which could also be some very cleverly placed environment imagery. But I’m going to go with it’s real and just in incredible nick.

    2. martco

      mmm possible but unlikely…

      been in for one or two concours myself and I can say for a fact that there’s lads out there who will replace so much as the bolts holding the exhaust together if they are tainted and will insist on using original manufacturer parts to do it

      that merc is a stunning motor and worth every penny, that car there will only gain in value, virtually zero depreciation risk….classic cars are an ultra smart way at moment to invest €€€ if u have the facilities, see how much average/tatty pre-80’s 911’s go for at moment and u get the picture

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