Pass Remarkable



Ronan Emmet writes:

Irish Times obviously felt young kids aren’t stressed enough today before they received results so they posted this (above) at 7.30am on Facebook. Spectacular timing…



*breaks nib*

Nelly Bergman writes:

He’d help Higher Maths uptake…

World’s hottest maths teacher Pietro Boselli: ‘I model wet steam flow’ (Guardian)

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43 thoughts on “Pass Remarkable

  1. Jimmee

    “Irish Times obviously felt young kids aren’t stressed enough…”

    I would say they’re old kids or young adults, but definitely young kids.

    1. Paolo

      Yep, young adults who will be expected to shoulder a hell of a lot more stress in the coming years.

      1. Marina

        I disagree Paolo. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt as much stress throughout my working life than I did during Leaving Cert exam time. I still have nightmares about it. Awful lot of responsibility put on young shoulders. You’re set up to believe it’s a defining time in your life. It can’t just have been me?

  2. medieval knievel

    all my 17 and 18 year old relatives were complaining when this popped up in their facebook feed. they’ve sworn to never read the IT again.

  3. Co40

    Oh poor diddums. No doubt the Dept of Education chose to release the figures at that time which show overall trends. Should the Irish Times sit on them so as to indulge some imagined generational neurosis? If you’re likely to fail Maths, you probably had an inkling on exam day itself, if not before.

    1. Medium Sized C

      Good point. Either that or your one of those A1 students who are so emotional because they totally failed.

    1. Seriously

      surely 23.8%, no? although if we’re being pedantic IT probably rounded their percentages so it’s hard to be accurate…

  4. Mike

    Christ spare me. If they’re upset by this they need to grow the required genitalia. If you’ve failed, ts – you either didn’t study enough or shouldn’t have sat it. Go an repeat – it’s not the end of the world. Universities staff are increasingly complaining of receiving students that are spoonfed, mollycoddled and quite frankly not up to the academic standard previously required to keep 3rd level results internationally competitive.

    1. bisted

      …it could be the people who repeated…suffering from David Norris Delusional Syndrome…’try again, fail again, fail better’.

    2. Colin

      This! I studied Engineering myself to Masters Level, and while I’ll openly admit I wasn’t the most mathematically minded, the LC certainly did not prepare me for 3rd Level Math. Its spoonfed, rinse and repeat compared to college. So bad in fact that the 1st year of Engineering is generally a re-introduction to all the topics taught in the previous 2 years at 2nd Level.

      As a society we need to stop handing out participation medals. Do your best and good things will come to you. Accept the level you are at. Life is not easy.

      1. Medium Sized C

        You know, some people might see that as just making sure they had the basics rock solid.
        I mean I had material from 2nd fluid mechanics and thermodynamics year gone back over in 3rd fluid mechanics and thermodynamics year because it was really damn important.

        I don’t think spending more time on stuff is a bad idea.

        I actually think the cycle you describe makes for good learning.
        Do first, then learn is actually a pretty solid learning strategy.

    3. Medium Sized C

      I’m not sure what your point is here.

      Like the article is about an increase in failure rate in LC Higher maths.
      The additional comment is about spooking LC kids awaiting their results.

      We aren’t saying that people should be upset because the LC is hard or that its unfair to kids to fail them…..

      Also, you surely have some sympathy towards kids who sit the leaving, given the cultural leaning towards telling them the leaving cert is the sole validating force in their lives.
      Every year, I get royally pissed the feck off around this time about the amount of bullshit about the LC.
      Some douche on the radio described it as “life defining”.
      We overrate the hell out of the thing, and 17 – 18 year olds are not generally viewed as good at estimating their own abilities. They are like a crowd of hormonal Dunning-Krueger effects on legs. Coupling exaggerated importance with poor self appraisal skills and add a smidge of doubt….. makes for a pretty nasty morning.

      So it’s at least fair to suggest that kids who took the gamble on Hons might be a bit upset by this news.

    1. Paolo

      But outrage is everybody’s inalienable right these days. It is more fundamental than the right to self-determination, voting etcetera.

  5. Mikeyfex

    Spectacular timing? Yes, the day the data was released.

    “Here are the initials and home county of everyone who failed maths before they can actually find out for real and everyone who wet their pants throughout this year’s school term” Now that would be insensitive.

  6. Caroline

    It looks like someone took their favourite non threatening member of a boy band and sellotaped his head onto a Cool Water ad. Not that anyone would ever do that. Or lie about what they had done. Or that’s even look that suited Joey McIntyre.

    1. Kieran NYC

      If she were a professional model who voluntarily took her clothes off and looked sexy for money – probably.

  7. Lilly

    This Leaving Cert has dominated the airwaves all morning, total bore except presumably for the students involved. There is something so dysfunctional about this LC fixation – prolonging education and preventing young adults moving ahead in life.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      It’s the same in all countries when final exams come out… what’s your point exactly. I’d like to know how the media coverage is “prolonging education and preventing young adults moving ahead”… genuinely curious how you could come to that conclusion :)

      1. Lilly

        You’re conflating separate points Clampers: the media coverage is a bore and the obsession with the LC is dysfunctional as is the insistence that young people remain dependent long after they should be given the opportunity to be self-supporting. The education ‘industry’ is a giant scam IMO.

  8. Atticus

    The fail rate of those taking HL Maths has increased? Really?

    I find this strange. Why would you take HL Maths if you’re obviously that bad at maths? Surely if you’re taking HL at the very least you should be passing?

    Or maybe this is the reason;

    “The introduction of 25 CAO bonus points for a D grade or better in 2012 has led to a 30 per cent jump in those taking the higher level paper, and the numbers are set to rise further in 2017 when a new CAO system will allocate points to students who get 30-39 per cent – what is currently regarded as an E or “fail” – at higher level.”

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Ah here wha…. points for a fail… jaysus.

      I did HL maths up to the mocks (or Christmas of LC year? …can’t recall ) and dropped to pass for the last few months which meant I’d a load of extra time for other subjects. To my mind, that makes more sense then gambling on a few bonus points…. my tuppence.

  9. Demon

    The uptake isn’t the problem – higher maths classes are oversubscribed and kids being turned away. The problem is that we don’t have enough qualified and accomplished maths teachers.

      1. Zarathustra

        He, he – I believe you :) Seriously though, I know someone who is absolutely stunning and all her life women/ girls have resented her, and men generally just want to get in to her knickers, she’s actually quite insecure about herself.

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