Meanwhile, In Strasbourg



At the entrance of the European Parliament this week.

Marcus Chown writes:

“The names of 17,306 people who have drowned crossing the Mediterranean [between 1990 and 2012] laid out at entrance of European Parliament.”

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  1. Murtles

    What’s the solution here I wonder? Apart from letting people traffickers put thousands of men, women and children on unsafe boats and push them into the Mediterraneane in hope that the likes of the Irish Navy boats will pick them up, what else can be done? As the thousands of refugees arriving in Greece and Italy are mainly from Libya and Tunisia could the UN not set up refugee camps on the African side? Crap solution maybe but I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking? Better than drowning.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Agree. This is fundamentally an African problem and a result of a relaxation of borders in North Africa post Arab-spring. The European ex-colonial argument may have been relevant in the mid-to-late 20th Century but it now sounds a lazy one. The UN have some powers to stem this refugee problem at source…will they though?

      1. Unlucky in locks

        Why is it a lazy argument now? How has the historical context from which these problems have arisen changed?

        I’m not being facetious, I’d genuinely like to know what you think has changed. For me the burden of responsibility must surely lie with those that created these scenarios

        1. Odis

          Historically – A lot of Africans died due to a range of problems. Disease, famine. etc.

          In more recent history medical services have improved as have agricultural practises. This has led to a population explosion. More Africans want to get out of Africa.

          Whilst other nations have controlled their populations, by birth control, to some degree or another Africa has not.
          And when you get a population explosion, a number of factors come into play, (see Malthus )

      2. Clampers Outside!

        No, I cannot agree with that.
        The UK sent troops into fight into Lybia and got sh*t going down there, so the UK should be taking in refugees…. even if their intentions were good, the problem was, according to a Ch4 broadcast last week, exacerbated by the Brits (and others).

        On the Tunisia bit, Murtles be wrong, the refugees are not from Tunisia…. and I am stumped how you didn’t mention Syria at all which is where most refugees are coming from.

    2. ollie

      “The names of 17,306 people who have drowned crossing the Mediterranean [between 1990 and 2012] laid out at entrance of European Parliament.”

      And the point is what exactly? People go to sea in dangerous craft and drown. Not Europe’s problem.

      1. Odis

        Perhaps the suggestion here, is that the European parliament, could devise some, Health and Safety legislation, for African people smuggler boats. Though frankly I don’t think it is within their jurisdiction.

  2. Odis

    I suppose the obvious question is why? I mean I don’t think it will make a very durable floor covering.

  3. scottser

    if only we had the contract to host a world cup, we could allow all those migrants in and get them to build our stadiums for next to nothing. or maybe we could conscript them into an army and invade somewhere with lots of fossil fuels like turkmenistan. sure if worse comes to worst we could stick them on treadmills hooked up to batteries to power the national grid. there’s bound to be a use for a few million people, eh?

  4. Nicorigo

    They should cover the floors, walls, ceilings, with every name of every single persons who died since ever….clowns…

  5. Demon

    These people drowned running away from wars caused by US aggression. We’re living in a repeat of the 1837-to-1912 series of genocides, with waves of refugees washing back and forth across the Balkans and the Middle East. We can sit back and sneer; let’s hope it’s never our turn to be those desperate migrants facing the sneers of comfy folk.

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