Who’s Trolling Who?



RIDICULE, ABUSE AND TROLLING – How to handle online harassment: This seminar for NUJ members includes a keynote by Dr Eoin O’Dell of TCD’s School of Law on the [Lorraine] Higgins and [Pat] Rabbite e-communication bills along with inputs from Sinead O’Carroll, news editor with TheJournal.ie, Karlin Lillington, Irish Times tech journalist, barrister Fergal Crehan along with plenty of time for questions and answers sessions. It takes place on Saturday, September 5, Connolly Room, Liberty Hall, Dublin 1, 12 noon till 4pm [link below for tickets].


How To Handle Online Harrassment (Eventbrite)

31 thoughts on “Who’s Trolling Who?

  1. well

    Have they made any statements yet Leo Sherlocks theliberal.ie , that has been copy pasting stories from other journalists verbatim, yet?

      1. well

        I was on a phone, Sorry.

        I was asking as numerous allegations have been made against “theLiberal.ie” and Leo the shit ignores them.

      2. well

        I was asking as numerous allegations have been made against “theLiberal .ie” and Leo Sherlock ignores them.

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        1. Drogg

          Thats cause Leo Sherlock is a fascist scumbag who is best ignored. The liberal is just an engine that uses fake competitions to get readers so they can push their small minded ideas on the unwashed masses. Sending the NUJ after him will only legitimise him in the eyes of the morons that follow him.

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly

    How to handle online harassment? Don’t go online.
    That’ll be wan tousand yoyos please and thank you.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Ridicule? Only a problem if not based on fact, but should be encouraged when based on truth.

    Like say, ridiculing DOB for suing anyone that says a bad word about him or he’ll sue you for some non-existent “good name and reputation” is not something that should be stopped. It should be encouraged when true, like in Small Penis’s case.

    Or, ridiculing John Waters when he says he is not a homophobe when clearly “that” interview with the college radio shows him to be very much one… even if he doesn’t see it.

    Or, ridiculing Alan Shatter for his arrogance and abuse of his position (Wallace’s points revealed on TV), and then denying he did wrong, as if he thought the public were dumb enough to believe him. Ridicule is justified on that matter.

    Ridicule…. ridiculous!

    1. Stewart Curry

      First talk looks like it’s about that:
      “Eoin O’Dell examines the Rabbitte and Higgins Bills on e-communication, particularly in relation to the need to protect and reflect the importance of free speech. He also touches on legal avenues open to those who experience online harassment.”

      1. The Old Boy

        Dr O’Dell is very much of the “suck it up” school of thought when it comes to this sort of thing and well known for his pro freedom of speech stance. He seems a strange choice for this sort of event.

  4. jeremy kyle

    Alternatively, I’m hosting a “how to be a keyboard warrior” seminar with special guest ABM.

    1. The Old Boy

      Ah, you’re on a 6 year stretch for membership of a proscribed organisation! Suddenly Clampers’ omnipresence ’round these parts becomes clear. Living the good life in E wing with the latest computing facilities installed next to the gymnasium and Turkish baths.

  5. Emma-Jane Dempsey

    NUJ also doing a talk about how to make fire with sticks, next week how to make clothing with animal skins….
    *Drops mic, adjusts bailing twine & struts away wellies flopping*

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