To Airbnb is human; to tax-forgive would be divine.

Patrick O’Byrne,
Dublin 7.

Airbnb and the tourism industry (Irish Times letters)

Here’s why Ernst & Young support Airbnb over tax relief for Irish hosts (Newstalk)

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11 thoughts on “Air Quotes

  1. David

    In the other letter (see the link above):

    Unfortunately she does not take into consideration the employment of workers in the hospitality sector. Hotels and guesthouses employ people and have to pay PRSI and income tax while adhering to a health and safety standard, all of which cost money. Airbnb does not have the same costs.

    Ermmm, so what?

    1. Medium Sized C

      The assumption is that AirBnB is in direct competition with hotels, hostels and B & B’s.
      Yet they can earn money without having to pay the proportion of their earnings that hotels, hostels and B & B’s do.

      I’m not sure how you don’t get that.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      They give puns a bad name.
      The fact that it’s usually, as you say, a short bad one followed by a detailed name and address suggests they’re very proud of it the smug bastardos.

    1. Colin

      I don’t understand the ‘killing the industry’ claim. AirBNB and people looking for hotels are two very separate markets. I use both a good deal throughout the year and certainly the demographic in both is completely different on average.

  2. Parky Mark

    All the while, Airbnb have their headquarters here specifically to avoid paying tax themselves. Nice one.
    It’s not their fault, just taking advantage of the system which is weighted to help large corporations and not Airbnb hosts.

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