20 thoughts on “We’re Not So Different, You And I

  1. Peter81

    Michael — careful, ders a lad over de’are with a camera pho-ane

    Bertie — I’ll pretend to open a breifcase and hopefully the picture will get used for a Broadsheet caption competition

    Michael — dat sites gone downhill

  2. Ann

    Don’t look now Bertie but is that the Cowen fella in front of me? Better get a tight grip on yer glass he’d drink off a scabby leg.

  3. topsy

    Leaders of outstanding character and repute. Where would this great nation be without their unquestionable & selfless commitment national service!!!

  4. Frank

    Bertie – Jaysus, the Bass is great here !
    Michael – Don’t spill any on that moxie Jacket of yours !!
    Is there a competition on for this ?
    Not that I’ll win !!!

  5. mcp

    “Just between the two of us Bertie. Nobody’s listenin’. Now, the world and its mother knows how much I got, but how much did he give you?”

  6. Cluster

    Are they in the corporate area of Croker? Who the f*** invited them?

    The GAA loves to talk about democracy and nationalism – doesn’t mean a bit of it.

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