17 thoughts on “NMAD

  1. classter

    You know that some lazy fupper in an Irish Rail depot just couldn’t be bottomed to do the job properly.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Now, now. His work description specifies nothing about having to install it the right way up.

      You’ll have the union after you.

  2. Anne

    That ‘Meeting’ comic is so true.. kinda made me lol.

    How comes we can’t comment on the comics? Anyone?

    Those threads would be great for the insane alcoholics to ramble away on like.

    1. Kieran NYC

      We used to be able to. They didn’t get many posts apart from people saying ‘HA!’ or ‘That’s poo’ and people moaning about people just saying ‘HA!’ or ‘That’s poo’ so now we can only look but not touch.

      1. Anne

        Thanks for the explanation.. but that’s like every other thread so, but we can still comment on the other threads.

        1. Mikeyfex

          A lot of them do bring up stories and thoughts though. And ‘thoughts’ are what these comment sections consist of. I say bring them back.

          1. Anne

            Yeah defo, that meeting comic, I did have some thoughts about that one. Stories and thoughts I could have shared with my fellow man.. stories and thoughts that could have resonated with others and they too could have shared similar stories and thoughts.

            Like if you can’t comment because people act the maggot, they’re acting the maggot on every other thread.

            Maybe the thinking is, people won’t comment on the more serious threads if they’re allowed comment on the comics.
            The pea-brains already don’t comment on the serious threads.

            I say bring it back too. N we’ll all promise to be good girls n boys. How’s about it administrators?

    2. H

      I seem to remember someone commenting that it was stupid to have comments on cartoons so BS agreed and said they would not have them in future and that was the end of that. I agree with Mikey though, there have been a few times when I wanted to comment on cartoons, and not just to say whether I found them funny or not.

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