15 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. Malta

    Are there people who read it to whom it makes perfect sense though?

    Maybe those of us who need to mentally add punctuation are the ones with the problem?

    1. meadowlark

      I can read it, understand it too. You simply need to deprive yourself of sleep, free time and all rational conversation and then it shall all come clear.

  2. Squiggleyjoop

    It’s obviously an acronym.


    I’m not bothered working it out but I would assume it’s an anagram for ‘trac pu kcip” which of course is “pick up cart” backwards. They are trying to encourage you to pick up a shopping trolly (or shopping ‘cart’) rather than a basket so you will buy more produce.


    1. Domestos

      Cristo… St… Someone obviously trying to sneak in subliminal pre-Vatican II messages to the community.

  3. Kieran NYC

    As a side-note, it does seem that literacy levels in Ireland are pretty bad. Why do people still use text-speak online when the computer highlights and offers to fix your bad spelling?!

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