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A free wifi tile sign in Dublin

Dublin’s public free wifi is gone.

Damien Murphy and Lois Kapila, in the Dublin Inquirer, write:

“[Christy Beal] and her family – over from New Jersey for a short break – had tried to log in at a few of the Dublin public free wifi spots around the city. “I’ve been looking for the signs,” she said. Scan for wifi connections and you can see the network and a healthy number of bars but, so far, she hadn’t managed to connect.”

“That’s because in May this year, Dublin City Council quietly made use of a break clause to terminate its contract with Gowex, the wifi firm that had been providing the service. So, there’s no public free wifi facilitated by Dublin City Council available right now, said Sinéad Murphy from the council’s press office.”

“It’s a shame nobody’s told confused holidaymakers. Or, for that matter, local councillors.”

Where did Dublin’s public free wifi go? (Dublin Inquirer)

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13 thoughts on “Dublin Offline

  1. Donal

    from the article

    “In Ballymun, there’s an enterprise plan to work with broadband-provider Magnet to set up a free-wifi zone there, he said. That way, they’d maybe catch some of the business coming in from the airport, and encourage them to linger longer in the Ballymun area.”

    this is a real plan? seriously?

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    That Gowex portal was a mess right from the beginning, even once you got over each page loading in Spanish. I gave it up after a number of attempts and growled frequently at those wifi tiles dotted around the place. They should have had a trial period, then sacked, a new supplier quickly re-instated and service resumed….but no…this is the public sector crawl of change.

  3. scottser

    everyone should have to pay for their wifi like any other utility. bloody socialists and their ‘gimme,gimme’ attitude


    wifi is a human right. and we pay for wifi out of general taxation, so why should we pay again? it’s the blueshirts again with thier feckin meddling.

    1. fmong

      Give the people free wi-fi now, wait for decade or so till everyone takes it for granted, then BOOM hit them up with a John Tierney head mega-quango! Sell the rights to DO’B and give all your mates consultancy positions.. another classic Irish stitch up!

  4. irlandesa

    Gowex went into liquidation in July 2014 and is currently being investigated by the Spanish SEC and High Court for fraud.

  5. pissedasanewt

    Don’t worry, the Irish government will step in to pay off all of Gowex’s debts and cover free wifi for all the cities previously supplied by Gowex’s.. its the way we roll…

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