12 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Davos

    The Donald is making big waves,
    Not just with his follicle maze.
    His amount of support,
    Is bound to fall short.
    And end his egotistical craze.

  2. edalicious

    I can’t help but wonder if Trump leading the Republican polls is somehow a brilliant scheme by the Democrats to destabilise the Republican party’s candidate selection process and turn swing voters away from the Republican party. I mean, people can’t actually be supporting Trump, can they?!

    1. Twunt

      Yes, yes they can.

      You underestimate the resentment felt towards Obama and the Democrats after 8 years of talk and inaction. All style and no substance, that is how a lot of America feels about him – and these are not the right wings loons we might think. Sure a lot of it is due to the GOP blocking him, but he was the POTUS, and in their eyes he failed. That is all that matters.

      1. edalicious

        It’s funny though, if you look objectively at where the US is now compared to when he took office, he actually didn’t do all that bad, despite the GOP interference. But sure, when did voters, in any country, ever do proper research and vote based on objective, unspun data?

        1. Twunt

          Many believe his major downfall was to promise so much, and then fail to deliver. If he had not come in with such high expectations he might have been remembered fondly.

          He is also seen as being very soft on foreign affairs whilst at the same time bombing the hell out of places via drones.

          His will be a complicated legacy.

    2. The People's Hero

      It’s already a well established conspiracy that Trump is a Democratic False Flag….

      1. dereviled

        I think Trump is a kite-flier, gauging the reactions of the GOP base with outrageous statements while not actually damaging credible candidates…

        1. jungleman

          I think republicans are nuts and trump is nuts. To republicans he is probably the perfect candidate. Simples

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