21 thoughts on “Far To Go?

    1. IamJam

      Last year I went for a cycle to Greystones with some friends and one of us took a Dublin Bike. We all took turns on Killiney hill, oh the relief when I got back on my normal 90’s racer. All the bike clubs passing us were cheering us on. When we carried it over the head walk between Bray and Gresystones people were taking lots of photos and some people carried it part of the way just because it was so funny.

      1. Mr. T.

        “oh the relief when I got back on my normal 90’s racer”

        So you’re just telling us you have a retro racer then.

  1. Custo

    Sure that’s only 25 minutes from the bike station in Inchicore via Naas Rd / Belgard Rd.

    You can rent them for 24 hrs if you want.

    1. Paulus

      Funny thing, they don’t seem to accept the Dublin Bikes card. There’s joined up thinking, right there.

        1. Stephen

          Because all the Irish bike schemes use the same hardware, software and are all run by the National Transport Authority.

          1. fosull

            The NTA has nothing to do with any of the bike share scheme in Dublin. It is only involved with the Galway, Cork and Limerick schemes.

  2. RichD

    I saw 2 locked up outside Wright’s in Howth on Saturday. Could have just jumped on the Dart with them though I suppose. That’s what I’d do anyway!

  3. Punches Pilot

    Junction of Mayberry Rd with the Greenhills Rd. I know this as it was the scene of one of my most embarrassing and physically painful moments of my life some 25 odd years ago. Way too fast on my Raleigh Flyer, total high side going around the corner which resulted in me ending up on my chin at the front of a Nissan Sunny and my bike under a Transit. The fact that the bus shelter was full of school girls (some laughing, some extremely compassionate – missed opportunity maybe) just put the finishing touch on my metal and physical anguish. Ah the memories

    Sorry do carry on ……

  4. WOD

    Brakes lock automatically when you hit the county boundary… Just like shopping trolleys at a supermarket gate..

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