‘It’s Great To Be Able To Finally Do The Kitchen’


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One of several promotional videos from the Labour Party currently circulating on social media.

On YouTube, the party writes:

“Things are getting better for Irish families. And as a result, we can now be a bit more positive about the future. The recovery is beginning to reach the kitchen table. We have a little bit more money at the end of the month to do the things we previously put on the long-finger.”

“Such as giving the house a lick of paint. Or getting that much needed extra room built. Or being able to bring the kids abroad for a holiday. Getting here has been tough. But Labour has brought us to this point. There is more work to do to make to make our communities the best possible place to live, work, and raise a family. You can help us do that.”

There you go now.

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51 thoughts on “‘It’s Great To Be Able To Finally Do The Kitchen’

  1. Jonotti

    Care to actually refute any of the points raised? A snide “there you go now” is all you’re ever capable of.

        1. Mani

          To be fair, given you were juicing pretty hard to stay competitive, your memory can’t really be trusted.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    I really find it quite amazing how Labour are getting 90% of all the hate directed at this government. They will get destroyed in the next election, like the Greens & the PDs before them while FG will continue on just fine.

      1. Dubloony

        Ok, so Labour, faced with the election results, decide mwa ha ha we’ll have pensions and power.
        Labour, faced with the election results, had a conference of members voted to go into coalition with FG, knowing full well they were never going to be covered in glory, to stop the prospect of FF and a coalition of nutters getting in.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Maybe so, but at least FG don’t have the stupidity to come out with this ‘everything’s getting better’ nonsense.

      Labour needs to go back to hard facts of any ‘good news’ and stop this Labour ‘brand’ style advertising… they’ve missed the barn door and are in the neighbours field at this stage. Deluded muppets!

      1. ahyeah

        “Maybe so, but at least FG don’t have the stupidity to come out with this ‘everything’s getting better’ nonsense.”

        FG can definitely match Labour – or anyone else, anywhere – for stupidity.

        How about Enda’s encounter with the man with two pints? Or the fellow who rang him to double-check why he had a few extra quid in his pocket at the end of the week?

          1. ahyeah

            Maybe – but was more responding/refuting suggestion that FG haven’t been making claims that things are on up + it’s all fixed now… they have been, and, actually, started a lot earlier than Labour. Of course, that doesn’t excuse Labour (would have expected more from them), but that’s another thing altogether.

        1. rob

          or when they plastered pics all over their FB page saying theyre looking after rural ireland just as dairy farmers are gettin shafted to bits.

    2. gerrup

      I don’t think it’s that amazing. Fine Gael are a right-centre party. It’s no surprise that they would favour privatisation, big business, lowering taxes etc.

      Labour, on the other hand, were the left-of-centre party typically focused on social benefits and the average worker. Which they completely ignored once they got into power.

      So where FG are doing exactly as everyone would (or at least should) have thought, Labour turned their back on the people they have always claimed to represent. They betrayed their supporters in a way that FG have not and that’s why they are hated. But I agree with you entirely that they will be obliterated in the next election.

  3. gallantman

    Where’s the bit Dermot Bannon and the wife have a passive-aggressive stand-off over the colour of the counter tops?

  4. Drogg

    I think my head just exploded watching that, sure i will pay for a cleaner to come in with all that extra money i have resting in my pocket and pick my brain fragments off the wall.

  5. classter

    I think there is so much anger with Labour about over-selling at the last election (effectively Gilmore seems to have had a continued rush of blood to the head) that the facts don’t really matter.

    If I was in Labour I would be pointing out the following:
    1) Things are definitely improving & this is filtering down to the public slowly but surely.
    2) we still have the most progressive tax system in the OECD, according to the OECD.
    3) Welfare payments here are far higher than they are across the border in the UK.
    4) The public sector workers have experienced some cuts but in relative terms (relatiove top other EU countries) they can count themselves very lucky.
    5) Austerity is not a choice when you are borrowing from the Troika.

    1. Drogg

      They should be cutting public service pay, except for the pay of the groups that they are actually cutting their pay, Garda, nurses, junior doctors, firefighters pay shouldn’t be cut if anything they need raises but everyone else in the public sector needs serious wage cuts and a taste of real working hours.

      1. Seriously

        I work as a Clerical Officer in the Public Sector. I earn €21,345 a year which amount to just under €350 in hand at the end of the week (after taxes, pension levy’s and pension contributions). I work a 37.5 hour week (40 hours with a half hour, unpaid break each day).

        How would you like to re-structure my pay and working hours?

        1. Drogg

          You think thats bad you should try the working hours in the public sector and a clerical officer is hardly a college graduate position. Also if you are so hard done by then why is your union not shouting about it and how long are you in that job?

          Here are the public service rates for clerical officer

          Clerical officer standard scale
          23,177 – 24,255 – 25,339 – 26,420 – 27,502 – 28,583 – 29,635 – 30,688 – 31,743 – 32,795 – 33,840 – 35,471 – 36,7531 – 37,3412

          Clerical officer higher scale
          24,255 – 25,339 – 26,420 – 27,502 – 28,583 – 29,635 – 30,688 – 31,743 – 32,795 – 33,840 – 35,471 -36,753 – 37,341 – 38,135

          and after a quick job search there are clerical jobs out there for 35,000 – 50,000 a year so stop with yer bull.

          1. Seriously

            I’m not complaining about the job, I’m actually just happy to have a job as I was out of work for over a year when I got hired.

            I’m asking how you want to reduce my wages as it was a topic you brought up, smarty pants???

            8 years to get to 30,000 isn’t as kushy as you make it out to be.

          2. Drogg

            I try. I would not be for cuts to lower paid workers but nurses, Garda and junior doctors are kind of very important. But I wouldn’t be calling for cuts to anyone who makes less then 30k a year and there is still many public sector workers that make more then that.

          3. Seriously

            Read back over your comments and spot the irony.

            First you say public sector are overpaid then tell me I would be better off in the private sector.

            Then you tell me it’s all I deserve for my meager education but I should tell my troubles to people in McDonald’s???

            How’s about you realise public sector workers are the same as private sector workers, most of us do shitty work for shitty pay but it’s easy for the government and media to separate us and make us blame each other rather than looking at the truly well off….

            Keep getting angry about it though, if you saw how much the government actually spend on public sector wages vs how much they spend on things like ministerial pensions and consultancy fees you might think a bit differently though.

  6. Charley

    Labour are going for the “move along now, nothing to see here” approach to what they failed to achieve in government.

  7. Fergus the magic postman

    That’s pure rubbish, and demonstrates further that they have no shame, and they think the electorate consists of idiots.

    I’ll reiterate for you Joan; Labour got my vote last time round, & that will not be happening again. Certainly not while yourself & Alan Kelly have anything to do with the party.

  8. Paul Davis

    If things are not getting better for you at the moment then you have to seriously ask yourself if you are the problem.

    All economic indicators are up.

    1. rob

      paul davis must be in that wage bracket that the government favour. try it down in the middle or lower, paul.. you’ll see that we dont have a pot to piddle in.

      1. New Person A

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